First quarter registrations

The Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement lists 12 new Glen of Imaal Terrier registrations for the first quarter of the year. These comprise of two litters (1×6, 1×5) and 1 importation from Ireland. They further break down into 7 bitches, 5 dogs, 3 Wheatens and 9 brindles.

12 thoughts on “First quarter registrations

  1. I would suggest you check the wheaten to brindle ratio again its wrong.

  2. If Alison one of those litters is mine the information on wheatens is wrong.

  3. Neither of the two litters was yours, Stephen. Your litter was not registered until April (second quarter).

    The information on the original post from E-F-G is taken from the first quarter 2009 Breed Records Supplement (BRS) and is correct.


  4. Oh for gods sake if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all. Why can’t you just admit you were wrong and say ‘I’m sorry’??

  5. “What a refreshing change”

    Is that “What a refreshing change” as in the BRS is usually wrong or “What a refreshing change” in that the information given on this blog by E-F-G is usually wrong???

    Either way, I think that it is you that is wrong, Mr Holmes. Maybe, “Oops, sorry, I didn’t realise that my litter wasn’t included” might have been a more appropriate response πŸ™‚

    A little politeness goes a long way in this world.

  6. BTW Mr Holmes.. Its unpleasant people like you who have started to make it a very unhappy experience to come to a show, that have now made me make the hard decision to not get another glen. People in this side of the Glens are pleasure to be around, but I’m sick to the back teeth of all the nastiness and back biting that is sent in this direction.

    I thought we were all fighting for the same thing, but it seems that some people just want a fight. Very sad and its no fun anymore.

    So sadly unless by some miracle something changes, Scarlett will be my last glen. But then I guess that will make you happy!

  7. Dear Nicki i rarely go to shows and when i meet your mother at discover dogs we always talk and get on well i have spoken to you once to say hello so for you to make such an assertion is odd. I have had glens most of my 46 yrs and after a 3yr break i got them back in 2002 via Eamonn Dobbyn . When i attempted to mate my bitch in the UK people were told by senior UK owners that they must not allow thier dogs to be used on my bitch as i was a dog fighter and badger baiter .This all from people who had never met me or knew me one lady asserted my bitch had 14 lines of pra in her history and people like me shouldnt have glens.My good friend Jason Atkin had the same problem because we work are dogs we were not suitable in thier eyes.It was thanks to are now good friends Kathy and Fred Geogre we mated our bitch and now have are own male .I have no view on wether you keep glens and its nothing to do with me but you make assertions about me yet do not know me .Yes Nicki i didnt and dont like the nastiness but why did and do some of your members act as they have to myself somebody they didnt even know.Thats why i stick with Jason the Georges and my Irish friends ask Kathy about myself and my wife and get the facts about me somebody you dont even know.

  8. This reads as HUGE chip on shoulder time. It is really fascinating to read what people have said about the views of senior people in Glens. Wonder if the senior people actually said them or it suited purposes for others to “confidentially relate” what they said?

  9. Mr Holmes,
    As I’m someone not ‘in’ the breed and you don’t apparently attend many shows, I don’t think we’ve actually met – although we did have a very pleasant phone conversation last Christmas, when you were trying to find an address so that you could send a card to a rather special little boy and his family.

    That’s all I know about you – so I can’t comment on anything said to you or about you by anyone else.

    I DO agree with what seems to be your position – that there should be no room for nastiness in our hobby, and in an ideal world there would be no ‘breed politics’. Sadly we don’t live in an ideal world !

    You seem to have had a bad introduction to the breed people when wishing to mate your bitch – did you actually speak to these ‘senior UK owners’ and ask them to point out the PRA lines in your pedigree? Maybe they were correct? Or were you just put off by hearsay and gossip? I’ve learned never to believe anything said to me by anyone in the dog world unless I can verify it for myself.

    Perhaps it’s the nature of postings on the internet – but all your posts seem to come across very aggressively. It’s all too easy to get the wrong impression of someone that you don’t know, especially if your ideas are influenced by the comments of others. As I haven’t met you, my impression of you from this forum is that you are a rather confrontational know-all – but my experience of you over the phone last Christmas is that you are a very kind, caring person. Which is the real Mr Holmes? Having spoken to you on the phone I think probably the latter πŸ™‚ – but if I had to base my opinion purely on your posts on this forum I would not like you very much 😦

    Maybe, instead of reacting so negatively to every comment you should try and find out the true facts before criticising people? Then you might find that there isn’t quite so much nastiness in your breed as you thought.


  10. I had a lovely chat on the phone with Stephen this morning, and we seem to agree on lots of things.

    I have explained to him that its not him personally that has made me decide not to get another glen, but the constant back biting that goes on and nit picing, and we seem to agree on that too! lol

    We need to start working together to keep this wonderful breed alive and fit and healthy. All the negtivity gets nobody anywhere and certainally won’t help ahyone.

    Whether I have a glen of not, I will always care about the breed and help promote it and help to raise funds for things like PRA.

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