2 thoughts on “First Day Cover

  1. I have order a few more as minimum order 8 euros so will be available at the EFG day in July.

    Just come and see me at the Jam stand!

  2. Good morning, everyone.

    I hope it’s okay to ask a question here. You see, I was just browsing breed pictures when I came across one that looked exactly like my dog. I followed a link and found myself on your site and I wondered if any of you could tell me if our dog is a Glen of Imaal Terrier?

    She is a foundling that we adopted from a shelter in the Puget Sound area back in 1999. We always assumed she was a mixed breed and no one (including various veterinarians) has ever told us otherwise. It seems so unlikely, in that from what I’ve been reading the Glen of Imaal is very rare — but my goodness, she looks just like one!

    Whatever she is, she’s a fabulous dog and whether she belongs to a specific breed really makes no difference to us, except that we thought she was one of a kind and it would be wonderful to learn that, in fact, she isn’t.

    Here is a link to a photobucket album with pictures of our dog. What do you think?


    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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