More sponsorship!

The Enthusiasts and Fanciers of Glens are pleased to announce that Wagg Dog Food have offered sponsorship (in the form of dog food prizes) for the Companion Dog Show on July 12th. The event is to raise money for the Bochum Project into PRA research in Glen of Imaal Terriers so all offers of sponsorship are appreciated and welcomed. Do YOU know of any person or organisation that may be able to help out?


Scottish Kennel Club DID see a new Champion crowned in Glen of Imaal Terriers. Enya was awarded the Bitch CC which now makes her into a dual Champion. Her CC and the Reserve Dog CC that was awarded to her brother Homer by judge Jeff Luscott, just thirteen months after he last judged when he awarded Homer the CC and Enya 2nd in Open, certainly indicates that Nick & Ann are leading contenders for travellers of the year in the breed!

The Dog CC and BOB, as reported yesterday, went to Barney (who was the Res CC winner last time) and his dam Brenna once more got the Reserve Bitch CC from Jeff.

How to test a good coat….

Take torrential rain and one Glen of Imaal Terrier who wants to go for a walk. Glen ignores suggestion that it is too wet. Show Glen dogs of another breed who are refusing to even stick their nose out of the door. Glen raises one eyebrow and says they are ready.

On returning from walk divest owner of waterproof coat, trousers and hat and suggest (again) to Glen it might like to be dried off. Glen ignores you. Blackmail Glen with the promise of a Smacko and towel dry whilst aforementioned treat is being chewed upon. Head, legs and underbody are wet but main body is still bone dry under dense correctly textured hair.

Hopefully the last “coat testing” of the season as a hot summer has again been promised but somehow…..

European Winners Show Entry Details

The entry details are out for the European Winners Dog Show to be held in Dublin at the end of the month and hosted by the Irish Kennel Club. A fascinating list with the Dogue de Bordeaux coming top with 96 entries and many breeds will be seen for the first time in these islands; the Romanian Mioritic Shepherd Dog with two entries being one of the more unusual. It is to be hoped that the owners of the 17 Amstaffs, if from mainland Europe rather than flying in direct from the States, have been told to carry their paperwork if travelling across England to avoid them being mistaken for Pitbulls. Glen of Imaal Terriers have the lowest entry amongst the native Irish Breeds at 14 but as West Highland White Terriers only have an entry of 13 it can be considered that the Glen folk are certainly flying the flag!

The full entry figures can be viewed here