Ebay auction for PRA

There are a dozen items currently listed on ebay that have been donated for the PRA Fund. Overseas bids are very welcome. In many cases arrangements can probably be made to deliver items to shows.

All monies raised from the auction will go towards help funding the genetic research for Glen of Imaal Terriers.

It concerns all of us.

Puppy Farms (or Mills if US based) are something that should concern all of us. Of course you and I would have nothing to do with anything like that but what about your neighbour/friend/the lady in the vehicle next to you in the carpark, what about them? Where are they going to get their next dog from?

In this technology age it is a fair bet that they will turn to the internet and obtain a puppy from there but where do many of these advertised babies come from ? Some might come from you with your fully health tested dogs or your friends also with their fully tested stock but many won’t. They will come from places like this. Please consider supporting Puppy Farm Awareness Day on September 19th.

Down, down, waaaay down.

This weekend is Blackpool Show and the Glen of Imaal Terrier is a great big one only. Next on the calendar is East of England and there is only an entry of nine there.  The recent Glen of Imaal Terrier Association Show only had 21 entries and the majority of those belonged to the Committee; what in tarnation is happening?

Were the “doom and gloom” merchants correct? That was what the people were called who said that the awarding of Challenge Certificates to the breed would be a huge negative. CCs at some shows would mean shows without would see a reduction in entries so judges wouldn’t get the practice. This would mean judges appointed with a “huh, what are they to do with Glens?” so there would be even less entries. Some would say the answer would be to give CCs at all shows but

a) Where would the judges come from?

b) What exactly would be gained? Other than a chance to spend a lot more money on entry fees

The last non CC terrier breed, the Cesky, has just been turned down by the Kennel Club for tickets & their people are not really grieved about it at all. Have their owners and (maybe the KC) looked at what happened to the last terrier breed awarded?

Who has had the most?

Which Glen of Imaal Terrier has had the most Group placements? In the UK it very rarely happens but the US regularly sees Glens “up there” in the top awards. Scandinavia has had some high placers over the years also. To start the ball rolling this is the American tally as of Saturday June 13th

Glens that earned Group placements since recognition in ’04. The number in parens is the total number of placements earned by each Glen. The hyphenated numbers represent the number of Terrier Group Firsts, Group Seconds, Group Thirds and Group Fourths respectively

<< Glen Group Placements

India Ch. Royalty’s Star Over Coleraine (25)   2-6-9-7
                      (plus 1 Best in Show)

Riley Ch. Finnabair Rockets Red Glare (8)      1-1-2-4

Dermot Ch. Rainbow Springs Dermot RA NJP (6) 1-1-1-3

Brenna Ch. Fourth Hunt Pure Gold (5)           1-1-0-3

Finn  Ch. Finnabair Waking Kilmurray (3)        0-1-0-2

Fiona Ch. Finnabair Fiona The Wicked (3)        0-0-1-2

Homer Ch. Aberaan Conan (3)                           0-0-3-0

Seamus  Ch. Ballyfoyle Blue Boy (3)                 0-0-0-3

Spike  Ch. Malsville Soldier Blue (2)                  0-1-1-0

Tully     Glenbride Tully Red Nally (2)                    0-1-1-0

Darby   Ch. Daulton’s Darling Darby (2)              0-0-1-1

Curry  Ch. Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty (2)      0-0-0–2

Rajah  Ch. Royalty’s Coleraine at GrandCru (1)   0-0-1-0

Ribhâ  Ch. Kilkenny’s Revised Version (1)           0-0-1-0

Ch. Ballyfoyle Scoobie (1)                                      0-0-0-1

Ch. Kilkenny’s Blu Ballymaloe (1)                         0-0-0-1

Ch. Daulton’s Delivers Patience (1)                        0-0-0-1

Connor  Ch. Pinza’s Connor of Wicklow (1)       0-0-0-1

Ch. Daulton’s Hunter Green (1)                               0-0-0-1

Ch. Sirblu’s Piccolo Peep (1)                                 0-0-0–1

Ch. Daulton’s Oriana of Cil Dara (1)                      0-0-0-1  >>

Right, what have you got?

It IS intended to run an auction on ebay to compliment the Fundraiser. Auctions need items so what has anybody got that they are willing to contribute? It would be nice if a Glen of Imaal Terrier could be featured in every item somewhere as the whole idea is to raise money for the PRA Fund but if you have something that you think may raise a few pounds that isn’t Glen related it doesn’t matter….we’ll still take it!

The hanging basket already has an offer on it but we’d like more. It came courtesy of Dobbies Garden World is from their premium range & would have cost £39.99 to buy so you aren’t speaking of a little ten inch basket with a couple of plants!

What else?

We know that there is a Companion Show at the PRA Fundraising Event and you’ve written about the Lure and the GoToGround but what else is there?

Of course there is the eye testing (all morning appointments now taken) but that isn’t very exciting and isn’t really a fund raiser but, like the best doctor’s surgery, reading matter is being provided this year whilst waiting for the eye drops to work. We know that people are visiting the event as part of their holidays so copies of a Lincolnshire magazine will be available. It shows there is more to Lincolnshire than you think and some of the receipes are rather good. Word has it that Jean has been experimenting already.

There will be a raffle, it is a fundraiser after all, and there will be food available at nominal cost. There will also be a one prize raffle; rather magnificent isn’t it. It arrived at the weekend to be used “for the Fundraiser”. If you think it would look rather good outside your house or place of work make us an individual offer…we can be bought!


No, it wasn’t swine flu…..

Actually it wasn’t a virus of any sort but a trojan. Evidently spending a quarter of the national debt on anti-virus software is irrelevant when one of those little beauties lands on your machine; you need anti malware equipment. Ah well, out of quarantine and fully back on the road now.

Have you noticed that the Sales are starting everywhere? The PRA Fundraising event is less than a month away so if you see anything that would do as a raffle prize….Glen of Imaal Terrier people have many interests so everything and anything would be suitable.

Here we go again????

There is another advert for Glen of Imaal Terrier Puppies on an internet site. Like one recently a docked animal is shown &, because of this, has created interest from people who don’t want a tailed Glen. The photograph is startlingly familiar to the Glen advert referred to above

The Friday before

The PRA Fundraising Companion Show is on Sunday 12th & there is a Soiree on the Saturday evening. Some have already said they will be with us for the weekend which is fine but if you ARE coming the Friday can you please definately let Jean know; the fish needs to be sorted for the planned fish & chip supper!

As it is now less than a month away the Moday update is changing to a….when ever something occurs or we think about it.