What else?

We know that there is a Companion Show at the PRA Fundraising Event and you’ve written about the Lure and the GoToGround but what else is there?

Of course there is the eye testing (all morning appointments now taken) but that isn’t very exciting and isn’t really a fund raiser but, like the best doctor’s surgery, reading matter is being provided this year whilst waiting for the eye drops to work. We know that people are visiting the event as part of their holidays so copies of a Lincolnshire magazine will be available. It shows there is more to Lincolnshire than you think and some of the receipes are rather good. Word has it that Jean has been experimenting already.

There will be a raffle, it is a fundraiser after all, and there will be food available at nominal cost. There will also be a one prize raffle; rather magnificent isn’t it. It arrived at the weekend to be used “for the Fundraiser”. If you think it would look rather good outside your house or place of work make us an individual offer…we can be bought!