Who has had the most?

Which Glen of Imaal Terrier has had the most Group placements? In the UK it very rarely happens but the US regularly sees Glens “up there” in the top awards. Scandinavia has had some high placers over the years also. To start the ball rolling this is the American tally as of Saturday June 13th

Glens that earned Group placements since recognition in ’04. The number in parens is the total number of placements earned by each Glen. The hyphenated numbers represent the number of Terrier Group Firsts, Group Seconds, Group Thirds and Group Fourths respectively

<< Glen Group Placements

India Ch. Royalty’s Star Over Coleraine (25)   2-6-9-7
                      (plus 1 Best in Show)

Riley Ch. Finnabair Rockets Red Glare (8)      1-1-2-4

Dermot Ch. Rainbow Springs Dermot RA NJP (6) 1-1-1-3

Brenna Ch. Fourth Hunt Pure Gold (5)           1-1-0-3

Finn  Ch. Finnabair Waking Kilmurray (3)        0-1-0-2

Fiona Ch. Finnabair Fiona The Wicked (3)        0-0-1-2

Homer Ch. Aberaan Conan (3)                           0-0-3-0

Seamus  Ch. Ballyfoyle Blue Boy (3)                 0-0-0-3

Spike  Ch. Malsville Soldier Blue (2)                  0-1-1-0

Tully     Glenbride Tully Red Nally (2)                    0-1-1-0

Darby   Ch. Daulton’s Darling Darby (2)              0-0-1-1

Curry  Ch. Coleraine’s Mandalay Royalty (2)      0-0-0–2

Rajah  Ch. Royalty’s Coleraine at GrandCru (1)   0-0-1-0

Ribhâ  Ch. Kilkenny’s Revised Version (1)           0-0-1-0

Ch. Ballyfoyle Scoobie (1)                                      0-0-0-1

Ch. Kilkenny’s Blu Ballymaloe (1)                         0-0-0-1

Ch. Daulton’s Delivers Patience (1)                        0-0-0-1

Connor  Ch. Pinza’s Connor of Wicklow (1)       0-0-0-1

Ch. Daulton’s Hunter Green (1)                               0-0-0-1

Ch. Sirblu’s Piccolo Peep (1)                                 0-0-0–1

Ch. Daulton’s Oriana of Cil Dara (1)                      0-0-0-1  >>