It concerns all of us.

Puppy Farms (or Mills if US based) are something that should concern all of us. Of course you and I would have nothing to do with anything like that but what about your neighbour/friend/the lady in the vehicle next to you in the carpark, what about them? Where are they going to get their next dog from?

In this technology age it is a fair bet that they will turn to the internet and obtain a puppy from there but where do many of these advertised babies come from ? Some might come from you with your fully health tested dogs or your friends also with their fully tested stock but many won’t. They will come from places like this. Please consider supporting Puppy Farm Awareness Day on September 19th.

2 thoughts on “It concerns all of us.

  1. Thanks for the information, and good advice. On twitter, we are trying to make everyone aware of this, by tagging it #banpuppyfarming
    Please, if you have an account there, i urge all people to get the message out there…too make the public understand this must stop.

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