Interesting thought…

The tom-toms are whispering a new concept that is worth listening to. If you believe in health testing your breed would you be willing to run a logo that said so? The Kennel Club might say they can’t enforce health testing (they can but they don’t want to) so why shouldn’t resonsible breeders deal with it themselves? If wouldn’t matter what breed you were in as this “visible statement of intent” could be run with anything. It could be placed on your website, notepaper, even receipt book.

Many Breed Clubs (the EFG included) have already written to the KC to ask that health testing should occur before an animal can be registered but they don’t seem to want to know so how about it? Would you be willing to have a logo that said you believed in health testing and, more importantly, did it?


The funeral service for Joe Welch will be held at 1.30pm on Wednesday 17th June at St. Andrews Church, Gibson Road, Tangmere, Chichester, West Sussex PO20 2JA.

The family will then go to the crematorium.

There will be family flowers only but if anybody would like to make a donation in Joe’s name plus think of any of the Lukemia charities or Mount Noddy Animal Centre , a place that Joe supported and worked for. Jean Rogers would be willing to receive any cheques/money and then write just one (obviously listing everybody contributing) on behalf of Glen of Imaal Terrier friends.

Are you thinking of staying?

The PRA Fundraising Event on July 12th will fit very well into anybody taking a few days off to attend East of England Championship Show. Last year there were tents, caravans and the local hotel all filled with Fund Raising bodies but this year we have encountered a slight problem; the Comfort Inn is now closed.

Luckily it hasn’t locked its doors two days before the event so people already booked into there have been found new accommodation but what about you? Some had already given provisional notice that they were thinking of stopping the night but, as yet, hadn’t booked. If you DO want to stay overnight please let Jean know ASAP and she will assign you to one of the B&B rooms on standby!

Slight change of schedule

Yes, it is Monday but this week’s news about the PRA Fund Raising Event will be up tomorrow; why?  We thought we would give you as much time as possible to get sorted as June 2009 is National Vaccination Month. Participating vets will once again be providing your pets with discounted vaccinations, saving you up to £30 per pet. Get your vouchers here

Birmingham National Critique

Glen Of Imaal Terriers

Puppy Dog (1).

1. Roger’s, Jeonty Wanabee Bauer, up to size but balanced, soundly made quarters, head balanced, strong jaw, well made body, strong muscular hindquarters which moved with drive. Good coat. Best Puppy

Junior Dog (1).

1. Ashcroft’s, Romanville Typhoon, a strong masculine dog, head correctly proportioned, eye could be darker, well made body. untidy in hind movement.

Post Graduate Dog (2).

1. Garner’s, Johnny Be Good At Romanville, a soundly made dog, good outline and overall balance, nice head, good front, nice ribs and well made body, strong hindquarters and moves well.
2. Hadley’s, Donvaleset Rebus. Masculine head, strong jaw, well made body, ok in hindquarters. A steady mover.

Limit Dog (1).

1. Hardy’s, Amhard Damson Sauce, a nicely made dog, pleasing in outline and overall balance, good head and proportions, nice neck and shoulders, good front, nice bone and substance, ok in ribs and body, good hindquarters, moved and showed well.

Open Dog (5).

1. White’s, Ir Ch Am Su Ch Int Ch Abberann Conan An Ch’07 A, a powerfully made well balanced dog, good head, correctly proportioned, strong jaw, muscular neck, well sprung ribs, short in upper arm, well made body, muscular hindquarters which move with drive. A lovely showman. C.C. and Best of Breed, pleased to see him short listed in the group.
2. Welch’s, Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad, a soundly made dog, well balanced and pleasing in outline. Good head correctly proportioned, strong jaw, good front and forequarters, well sprung ribs, good body, strong loin, good hindquarters. Res. C.C.
3. Roger’s, Ch. NL Ch Bel Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster.

Puppy Bitch (1).

1. Baldock’s, Jeonty Maybee Daysee, nice outline and overall balance, a shade finer in head at present, dark eye, nice bone and substance, ok in quarters fore and aft, a steady mover.

Junior Bitch. No Entries

Post Graduate Bitch (2).

1. Harley’s, Donvaleset Brier, nice outline and overall balance, a shade narrow in head, nice neck and shoulder, ok in ribs and body, good hind quarters, moved well.
2. George’s, Romanville Ali Oop, very similar to winner, nice feminine head, good quarters fore and aft, nicely made body, not moving as well as winner today.
3. O’Hanlon, Scarlett Ribbon.

Limit Bitch (3).

1. George’s, Romanville Miss Moneypenny, a nicely made bitch, good outline and overall balance, good head balanced, neat ears, nice neck and forequarters, deep chest, good ribs and body, good hindquarters, moved and showed well. Res. C.C.
2. Rodger’s, Malsville Music at Jeonty, another nicely made bitch, good overall balance, nice head balanced and correctly proportioned, good bone and substance, strong hindquarters, harsh coat. Not giving her best today.
3. O’Hanlon, Scarlett Ribbon.

Open Bitch (1).

1. White’s, Ir Ch Abberann Ennya, a well balanced bitch, good outline. Good head, nicely made quarters fore and aft, good ribs and body. moved well. C.C.

Peter E. Bakewell Judge.

Rest of the “European” results.

The European Winners in Dublin last weekend had, for some breeds, a US style cluster. Glen of Imaal Terriers were one such with the Irish Association Club Championship Show and the Kennel Club Special CC Show being held either side of Terrier Day.

At the Irish Association Club Show the results were:- Green Star Dog (BOB) Homer-Multi Champion Abberann Conan. Green Star Bitch Rosie-Ir/Ch Abberann Ennya. Reserve Dog Green Star Declan-Romainville Bodhran. Reserve Bitch Green Star SuCh Donvaleset Bonnie Colleen.

The KC Irish Native Breeds Show saw a repeat for the Abberann siblings with sister Eilish getting the nod for Reserve Bitch. Declan was Reserve Dog

Oh absolute bummer!!!

An email yesterday asked why there had been no new post on the blog as it wasn’t the weekend….had we run out of things to write? Today’s subject line is the reply received when it was explained why there had been nothing up. There wasn’t a lot anybody in Glen of Imaal Terriers felt like saying as the word went round that Joe Welch had unexpectedly died yesterday.

What can be written about such a thing? Obviously sorrow and love to Ruth. The absolute feeling of dismay when the news was received. The disbelief that such a thing could happen. Words are written and at times like this seem so inadequate but they are all we have and as Glen people are never usually short of something to say this post is offered to you. Do leave a comment for Joe. What do you remember about him? When did you last see him? What will be forever Joe? In a week or two we’ll forward them to Ruth, Georgina & Chris. As it says at the top; oh absolute bummer!!!!!

Joe & Barney doing their version of agility

Joe & Barney doing their version of agility

Why not try…….

“Go To Ground” WILL be at the PRA Fundraising Event on July 12th. It was there last year but the programme was so full it didn’t commence until quite late in the day so a few had gone home. It turned into a battle royal between a Dachshund and a Cesky and two absolutely gob-smacked owners. Neither could believe how their perfectly behaved dogs acted once realising what it was all about. The Dachshund owner in particular was just amazed how his idolised couch potato (his words) sprang into life. The trophy finally went to the Cesky but it was a definately a case of remembering the roots for everybody!

Already we have double figures for the eyetesting. Remember this is all breed and not just Glen of Imaal Terriers. Booking is either via email or via the website