The challenge has been given….

It’s now less than a week to the PRA Fund Raising Event and a Challenge has been laid down. Theo & Huub has had the Lure out and about in Europe and have been running with the new “speed trap” so send this challenge: Can Uk dogs run faster than mainland European ones? We are relying on you all not to let the side down!

Yesterday was tent raising day. The marquee went up far easier than last year ( we are practised at it now) and hopefully the weather Gods will smile through the week. Just in case though the two smaller marquees were only “frame risen” in case the wind DOES get up over the next few days. Saying “can I have my tent back?” to somebody half a mile away is a poor use of resources. Well that was a reason given when it was mused as to why it couldn’t be fully erected!

Word comes that marmalade is set,  sweets made and cakes in the freezer ready to be thawed and iced. We are getting there.