…and it was answered!

Remember the challenge of last week? Could Glens at the PRA Fund Raising Event go faster than our European cousins? The gauntlet was picked up and there is now a NEW European Glen of Imaal Terrier speed machine. Ruby Samuels came and conquered at over seventeen miles an hour!!

Want to know how to amaze a judge at a small Companion Show in Lincolnshire? Have somebody bring their Czech Wolf Dog and apologise that they couldn’t manage that and their Saarloos-Lincolnshire, the dog captial of England.

There was nearly a complaint at the Gotoground. One competitor was refused his certificate. The Cesky sniffed at the entrance, walked round sniffing and then suddenly jumped up on the bales, climbed over them, pushed the board aside and dropped down into the end of the passage. It did have to be acknowledged that he hadn’t really “gone to ground”.

Was it a good day? Well there are already emails coming in asking when next years is going to be and the Space Hopper Derby………..this isĀ  how competitive it was!DSC01013