An unexpected reaction

Last week there¬†was a lot of thanks around. Being well “brunged up” we obviously wanted it to be known that we appreciated all the help that had gone on for the PRA Fund Raising Event……..we have been thanked for the thanks!

Emails and calls have been received mentioning the pleasure got from helping out, how nice it was to see everybody and it was sweet/quaint/really nice to be thanked because NOBODY DOES IT ANYMORE!

That gave an idea. If you want to publicly thank somebody let us know and it will be placed on here with pleasure. It doesn’t have to be Glen of Imaal Terrier connected. Has your neighbour let the dogs out whilst you were at a show? Did your vet perform beyond the call of duty? Did the girl at the pet shop take time to do a special order? Whoever you want to thank is up to you……..we’ll even thank the RAC man you answered your call promptly.