Native Dog Breeds Trust closes it doors.

News was released recently that the Native Dog Breeds Trust is to disband and, unfortunately, it isn’t much of a surprise. The idea, to promote British breeds, was an excellent one but even at the first meeting in 2003 it was obvious the way forward would be a rocky one. The guidelines were adopted from the Rare Breed Survival Trust, a very succesful organisation, but farm animals and dogs are different. Cattle, sheep, hens, pigs provide food; dogs don’t anymore. The big majority of RBST breeds think very local; 75% of a breed within a 20km radius is only category 4 (at risk) but dogs are big time global. Trying to balance the two and come up with a workable solution was always going to be large headache time.

The volunteers at the NDBT did their best to make it work but the overall remit (20+ breeds to begin with) was just too much. A plus for effort should be awarded to them