For anybody who missed it.

The New Zealand government has recently, in view of their own scientific findings, rescinded docking legislation. In other words DOCKING IS LEGAL AGAIN!. Not just any Tom, Dick or Harry can do it, the procedure can only be done by Vets & “accredited dockers”. A country the other side of the world stands up for freedom of choice and correct newly evaluated research.

The Kennel Club probably thinks it has to much on its plate to attempt a fight it didn’t teally have much heart for in the first place but what an opportunity… get people onto its accredited breeder scheme as they would be the obvious people to become the equivalent of the “NZ accredited dockers”.

1 thought on “For anybody who missed it.

  1. I must state again docking is NOT illegal in the UK fact i have had glens docked this year quite legally.I have seen it on a efg page saying docking is illegal that is incorrect.

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