An unexpected reaction

Last week there was a lot of thanks around. Being well “brunged up” we obviously wanted it to be known that we appreciated all the help that had gone on for the PRA Fund Raising Event……..we have been thanked for the thanks!

Emails and calls have been received mentioning the pleasure got from helping out, how nice it was to see everybody and it was sweet/quaint/really nice to be thanked because NOBODY DOES IT ANYMORE!

That gave an idea. If you want to publicly thank somebody let us know and it will be placed on here with pleasure. It doesn’t have to be Glen of Imaal Terrier connected. Has your neighbour let the dogs out whilst you were at a show? Did your vet perform beyond the call of duty? Did the girl at the pet shop take time to do a special order? Whoever you want to thank is up to you……..we’ll even thank the RAC man you answered your call promptly.

…….and finally

Space Hopper Derby Snow Globe Trophy
Space Hopper Derby Snow Globe Trophy

The week was started with thanks being extended to everybody who gave up their time to help out at the PRA Fund Raiser so it can be ended with another set of thanks. This time to the people and organisations that funded, donated and sponsored. So much money has gone into the fund because of the generosity who people who wanted to “do their bit”. The list is very long so please accept a thank you all and just a couple of examples of what the contributions meant


AND…….very, VERY provisionally the 2010 Glen of Imaal Terrier Fundraising Event will be SATURDAY July 17th

Number crunching…

The bags, tins and baskets have been emptied. The stacks counted and recounted. The figures in the lists totted up again and it has been decided that the socks can go back on and the calculator put away. The 2009 PRA Fund Raising Event for money towards the investigation of the “duff” gene in Glen of Imaal Terriers has raised over £1200!!! This means that the pledge given-the £5000 donated by the Kennel Club Charitable Trust would be matched penny for penny in five years-is still on target.

…and it was answered!

Remember the challenge of last week? Could Glens at the PRA Fund Raising Event go faster than our European cousins? The gauntlet was picked up and there is now a NEW European Glen of Imaal Terrier speed machine. Ruby Samuels came and conquered at over seventeen miles an hour!!

Want to know how to amaze a judge at a small Companion Show in Lincolnshire? Have somebody bring their Czech Wolf Dog and apologise that they couldn’t manage that and their Saarloos-Lincolnshire, the dog captial of England.

There was nearly a complaint at the Gotoground. One competitor was refused his certificate. The Cesky sniffed at the entrance, walked round sniffing and then suddenly jumped up on the bales, climbed over them, pushed the board aside and dropped down into the end of the passage. It did have to be acknowledged that he hadn’t really “gone to ground”.

Was it a good day? Well there are already emails coming in asking when next years is going to be and the Space Hopper Derby………..this is  how competitive it was!DSC01013

How did it go?

MMAG00373_0000[1]It was a fabulous day; even the weather God smiled again. It’s too early yet to give a figure on how much was raised for the Bochum PRA research fund but there certainly seemed more people and provisionally things are looking good.

The applause is for everybody who helped out. The Glen of Imaal Terrier people who travelled across the country to do their bit. The people who no longer own Glens but turned up “just because”. The people who have never owned a Glen but still gave up their weekend. The holidays taken to co-incide. The caravans pulled. The plans made so support could be given. Thank you all!

It’s the final countdown!

Well, we’re finally here. The PRA Fund Raising Event is this weekend. Some people have been camped on site since last Monday with the bulk expected today and tomorrow. The rosettes and prizes are sorted for the Companion Show and the dog food firms have been very generous. Wagg, Burns, Chudleys and Eukanuba have all sent contributions to the cause and we say “thank you” for it.

Last yeat the Space Hopper Derby saw a lot of “I’d love to have a go but don’t know if I could do it now”. No problems this year. For 50p a Hopper can be used for a re-accquainting session. Word has already been received though that one person coming has been in practice for weeks.

The ye testing vacancy has now been filled so the day is running with a very full card.Please be on time i.e. 15-20 minutes before your appointment so the drops can be put into the dog’s eyes…..and don’t forget your registration documents.

There are quite a few tombola prizes already with us but there can never be too many so bring things along.

Of course you can bring your own picnic but there will be food and drink to buy and yes, there will be toilets!