Terrier Club of Finland

The Terrier Club of Finland Show was held Saturday 22nd August. Judge Sheila Atter awarded Best of Breed Glen of Imaal Terrier, and Best Veteran, to ten year old Gleann Catmandoo (Madach Jack Snipe/Malsville Ordinary Folk)with Best Opposite Sex going to Irish Rover’s Lady Bridget Bee (Inchmarlo Tuirbbe/Donvaleset Bonnie Colleen). The two CACs went to Jeonty Flying Finnair and Hyvanhuomenen Mielikki which made her up to a Finnish Champion on the day

Unfortunately here we go again….

Only a few short weeks ago the unexpected death of Joe Welch was announced and now another one of us has gone; on Thursday Brenda Jones left the room. There are so few left that had Glen of Imaal Terriers in the late 70s and early 80s and Brenda’s passing, she had her first Glen in 1982, is felt very keenly. She came to Glens from American Cocker Spaniels & couldn’t believe how different it all was. A very formal Gundog life was quickly exchanged after her first show with a Glen. A well known Terrier man was the breed judge and he paused in the middle of going over her puppy to welcome her to Glens & the steward, on hearing the words of the judge, also told her what a great breed Glens were……the steward was Percy Whittaker. Brenda came out of the ring hooked.

Her favourite Glen was Bwyan and his over 50 Best of Breeds meant he obtained the accolade of being known by his first name to many in Terriers. The two of them adored each other and a bit of the heart went out of Brenda when he died; she believed there would never be a dog like him again and began to look more closely at Sealyhams and Cesky & had brilliant success in a short time with the Sealies.  She still loved Glens, owning a few oldies still, and had been really pleased to have been passed to award Challenge Certificates but unfortunately it is not to be.

We send sympathy and thoughts to her family and raise a glass to the memory of bonfires; singing and a dustbin.

Welsh Kennel Club Results.

It was the double again for Jean Rogers at Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show. Judge Roger Wright awarded the Dog CC (and BOB) to Buster (Ch, Nl, Bel Jeonty Wannabe Buster) with Fern (Jeonty Fern Grass) getting the nod for the Bitch CC. The two Reserve CCs went to Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad and Amhard Cut and Come Again. Best Puppy was Amhard Free Booter at just 6 months old


Fern & Buster

From the Sporting Glen Club of Ireland

Hello everyone, I’m sending an invitation from the Sporting Glen of Imaal Terrier Club in Ireland so that you can see more of how beautiful parts of Ireland are.                                                                                                          
 Lough Key,Sunday 23/08 @ 2pm



Our club walk and picnic will be held in the beautiful Lough Key, Co Roscommon this Sunday.  For directions and visitor information about Lough Key check out their website at  www.loughkey.ie , we plan to meet at the visitors centre at 2pm sharp bring your friends, neighbours, your picnic and of course your dogs and we look forward to seeing you there.

The committee

A recent get together

A recent get together

Just for the file.

Admittedly quite a few years ago now it was usual to go to dog shows in Ireland as a walk on passenger. A joint train/ferry ticket would be purchased and the journey would begin at the local railway station. A backpack and a Glen of Imaal Terrier on a lead was the only luggage needed to “head west” and visit the Irish roots. Recently the same was attempted but a snag was encountered. Obviously Stena don’t believe in attempting to minimilise carbon footprints and reduce car travel!

If you are short of conversation……

We all know that there are many unrecognised (not registereded by the Kennel Club of the country)  dog breeds. Some, like the Patterdale and the Pit Bull, have been around for years and have pedigrees going back far longer than some recently acknowledged animals onto official registries. All the time now more seem to be coming to attention and not just the designer mutts i.e. cross two breeds, give them a hip name and charge a fortune. Next time you are at a dog show, the pub or just short of something to talk about over a meal see if you can bring this breed into play; you can guarantee nobody will believe you.