Unfortunately here we go again….

Only a few short weeks ago the unexpected death of Joe Welch was announced and now another one of us has gone; on Thursday Brenda Jones left the room. There are so few left that had Glen of Imaal Terriers in the late 70s and early 80s and Brenda’s passing, she had her first Glen in 1982, is felt very keenly. She came to Glens from American Cocker Spaniels & couldn’t believe how different it all was. A very formal Gundog life was quickly exchanged after her first show with a Glen. A well known Terrier man was the breed judge and he paused in the middle of going over her puppy to welcome her to Glens & the steward, on hearing the words of the judge, also told her what a great breed Glens were……the steward was Percy Whittaker. Brenda came out of the ring hooked.

Her favourite Glen was Bwyan and his over 50 Best of Breeds meant he obtained the accolade of being known by his first name to many in Terriers. The two of them adored each other and a bit of the heart went out of Brenda when he died; she believed there would never be a dog like him again and began to look more closely at Sealyhams and Cesky & had brilliant success in a short time with the Sealies.  She still loved Glens, owning a few oldies still, and had been really pleased to have been passed to award Challenge Certificates but unfortunately it is not to be.

We send sympathy and thoughts to her family and raise a glass to the memory of bonfires; singing and a dustbin.

6 thoughts on “Unfortunately here we go again….

  1. Ah the dustbin! Those were the days……..

    I dug out my last bottle of elderberry last night and raised a glass to Brenda.

    Condolences to her family.


  2. i can’t believe it, very sad and another lovely person. was very helpful when i first started in glens and remember watching her and Bwyan in the ring.

    our thoughts are with her family.

    Nicki, Richard, Sylvia, Mike and Scarlett xx

  3. Anybody with even a passing interest in Glen of Imaals at that time was aware of Bwyan Bergsson. I am sure that Brenda & he are reunited.

  4. Brenda and I shared a special bond and over the years, we spent many an hour talking glens.
    We have lost another treasured person within the breed.
    Brenda will be missed very much, and so another book closes.
    Such sad times and I am sure her family know that our thoughts are with them at this time
    I raise a glass to you, my dear friend.
    Jean & Tony and the glen family.

  5. Think of Brenda, and you think of Bwyan, but she had great success with her Sealyhams in later years, and had such great experience over many breeds. She will be very sadly missed by many in all those breeds.

  6. We were very sorry to hear the sad news of Brenda’s passing and send our condolences to her family.

    Our first Glen, Rory, was from Brenda’s last litter of Glens, born on 7th August 1998, to Cassie (Glenbrows Cassandra of Zippor) by Obe (Jeonty Obe Won Konubi). Rory was one of nine wheaten pups and was the last of the Zippor Glens to be exhibited in the UK … at his last show, GOITA’s first Championship Show, he took the Best Veteran in Show award.

    We couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the breed … Rory is a wonderful family companion, with a lovely temperament and charming mannerisms … and we shall always be indebted to Brenda for our first, and very special, Glen.

    Rest in peace.

    Alison, David & Freddie

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