Thank you all!

I would like to thank all friends and acquaintances in Glen of Imaal Terriers (and all breeds) for all their cards, letters and emails sent on the death of Joe. Also the donations sent for the two charities with over £1.000 raised in total. They have written to me and thanked everyone for their help

Thank you again-Ruth Welch.

Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of Finland

IMG_0545The Finnish Glen of Imaal Terrier Club Championship Show, held August 15th, was a big “family” event on the award board.

Best In Show: Gleann Rabarber Drom (Gleann Catmandoo/Gleann Blossom). Best Opposite Sex: Gleann Octave (Gleann Catmandoo/Marfidal Medb Gleann). Best Puppy: Taramont Phelan (Ginger’s Cormac/Uactaran Taramont of Megh-Morran)

Best Veteran: Gleann Catmandoo (Madach Jack Snipe/Malsville Original Folk). BOS Veteran: Gleann Duplo (Madach Jack Snipe/Malsville Original Folk)

Have you thought about……

Have you ever thought about attempting something different with your Glen of Imaal Terrier (or any breed come to that)? Nearly every dog should be able to pass the Bronze Good Citizen Test. The Kennel Club website now lists Good Citizen training clubs by county/region & contact numbers so why not have a look and maybe plan something for the Autumn.

SERIOUS Mainstream indeed!

Unless you live in London the Kennel Club’s November Discover Dogs event isn’t really considered over much. Whatever people who live in the South East like to think there is a lot of country outside of their little corner and finally that may being recognised. How is that conclusion reached? Crufts has always got the full advertising but Discover Dogs appearing in the same “breath” as Les Miserables and ahead of ZZ Top…check it out!

Welsh Kennel Club..IMPORTANT

The entry figures for Glen of Imaal Terriers at the forthcoming Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show at Builth Wells are 21. Not a bad figure for this year but nothing like the numbers you used to get unfortunately.

The important bit: did you enter on line for this show? If you did the passes are downloadable from the computer. There will NOT be an envelope through the door!!

Sometimes you do wonder!

Last week the following  appeared on the DEFRA website

Specialist training for police to tackle dangerous dogs

Police officers will receive specialist training to become designated Dog Legislation Officers who will provide expert advice on dangerous dogs cases and legislation, Animal Welfare Minister Jim Fitzpatrick announced today.

The Association of Chief of Police Officers (ACPO) will receive £20,000 from Defra to help deliver the training which will ensure officers have a thorough understanding of current dangerous dogs legislation, as well as best practice enforcement techniques.

Guidance for enforcers, published in April, recommended that it was good practice for every police force to have, or have access to, a designated Dog Legislation Officer (DLO) who had a good knowledge of the law and how it could be best used to protect public safety.

Mr Fitzpatrick said:

“I am determined to crack down on irresponsible dog ownership and ensure that those who use dogs to injure people are dealt with rigorously. I know that this training will get us one step closer to better enforcement of dangerous dogs laws. 


Anybody who knows (and understands) anything about dogs realises the Dangerous Dog legislation is absolutely useless and has cost a fortune to basically incarcerate a large number of innocent animals. People from every walk of life have been questioning its efficacy for years and this is the latest reaction from a wonderful government that has already bankrupted the country; spend more money! This will, of course, answer every query that has been raised & miraculously make the 1991 Act successful.

Whilst ignoring all the obvious questions one thing has to be asked. Is the £20,000 to ACPO for them to train one person to go round the varying forces passing on “their expertise”, is it £20,000 for each of the currently 44 listed forces?

Idea number 96…what do you think?

In July the closure of the Native Dogs Breed Trust (known to everybody as the Vulnerable Breeds people) was announced. It had been a good idea that didn’t work as a “one thing fits all” policy was attempted. Another new initiative has just been launched; how do Heritage Breeds grab you? Have a look & let them know what you think!