…..you still actually do!

Recently the subject of identification discs on dog collars came up; are they still needed and if so what should be on them? Surely if your dog is micro-chipped and is wearing a “I’m chipped, please scan me” tag that should be enough? Why would you put your name and address on a valuable pedigree dog? In this day and age you are asking for it to be dognapped and held to ransome? Surely the vet’s name is enough because if it is in an accident instant treatment is required!

As strange as it may seem now you STILL DO (by law) need a disc on the collar of your dog with your name and address on it. There is slight interpretation allowed on address as it does not need to be a full one but house number or name and postcode is required. Also just a surmane is allowed rather than full and absolute title but whether you own a Pug, a Glen of Imaal Terrier or a Great Dane to comply with the law it should be tagged. There are at least two local government websites that give a good reason as to why the disc should be in place; if your dog is picked up by the warden and there is a tag which can be read there is a fair chance that your dog will be returned straight home if it is a “first offence”. If no tag is visible though and the dog has to be “processed” with paperwork, a trip to the pound and a scanner it’ll cost you a fortune!