Montgomery itself has pulled that big Glen of Imaal Terrier entry but the entire “Montgomery Circuit” (Hatboro 1 & 2, Devon & Montgomery) have seen large entries and this has meant that Glens have been re-assigned to a new judge. This judge only officiated at the beginning of September and, until then, had only ever judged 4 Glens. To anybody in the UK this would be considered really odd and the exhibitors would certainly rebel. Somebody in England, on hearing what was happening, remarked that the US judging list must be as bad as ours but it isn’t the same system over there. Thanks to Bruce Sussman for the following explanation:-

James Reynolds was among some 300 other judges who were already licensed for the entire Terrier Group and automatically became licensed for Glens (after taking a written exam about the breed), when the breed was recognized in ’04. This is why we are always especially grateful when one or more of ‘the 300’ show up at a seminar, request a judges ed packet or mentoring. They aren’t required to but do it for the right reasons. Anyone else, who does not have the entire Terrier Group, must go through the protocol of seminars, exams, mentoring etc to get licensed. These folks represent about 98% of the people who attend our seminars but only about 20% of the judges we actually show under. The only other rule is that a judge may not adjudicate the same breed within 200 miles for 30 days of each event.(The show a month previous was over 200 miles).

Three of our four judges at MCKC weekend have limited to no experience. On such a big weekend, I wish this wasn’t so, but that’s the way it is. For the first couple of years after recognition, the show chairs of these shows were very mindful that we were a ‘new breed’ and sought out judges who had experience or had been educated. But five years down the pike we’ve become ‘just another breed’ that needs a judge and it’s the Swedish Valhunds and Irish Red and Whites getting more individual attention.