Yes she is…

Yesterday a few people were struck by the similarity of the picture of Daisy to the five Glens at the top of the page and asked if she was related to any of them…..because she should be looking how alike they are!

There is over 25 years between the pictures but yes, Daisy was a direct descendant of all of them. Her Glen of Imaal family would have had no problem recognising her at the Rainbow Bridge.

2 thoughts on “Yes she is…

  1. Would you please name the five Glens (L-R) in the header above? The middle one reminds me of my Tipper who is by Bruce’s Kafka (Bawnogue Blue Boy) out of Coleraine’s Handmedown to Rainbow Springs. Thanks!

    • L-R
      Sammac Pippa Girl at Laureats,
      Eversley Beatrice,
      Eversley Patrick,
      Knockroe Shevaun,
      malsville Guitar Man (5months old)

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