For the file once more!

A while ago some dogs were stolen from Nottinghamshire. It wasn’t realised immediately but within days it emerged dogs had gone from down the A17, up the A1 and along the M18-M180 with the trail disappearing in Hull.

A white van, registration number LR04 USZ, is currently travelling up and down between Nottinghamshire (the A52) and Peterborough. It could obviously be a total co-incidence that whenever that van is seen missing dogs are then being reported. In advance we absolutely apologise if it is just a fluke that this vehicle has been seen at the same time that dogs have been stolen.

Sometimes it’s a bit difficult….

Back in the summer Glen of Imaal Terrier people were told about a judge withdrawing from an appointment at a Championship Show. We were being polite which was something the judge certainly hadn’t been because he had actually left the Society in a total lurch by just not responding to any communication even though a contract had been initially agreed to. If he felt like that about exhibitors, show committees and basic good manners so be it; his rudeness would be (like him) ignored by us.

Now there is the difficult bit. That judge who just treated us all with contempt is to give Challenge Certificates in Glens at a show towards the end of this month. He only has an entry of 7 so obviously isn’t really rated too much but once tickets are awarded he may be asked to do so again. Yesterday the question came as to what could be done about it? Not a lot as it has already happened but maybe if people are aware what actually happened in the summer they will remember if his name ever comes up again!

… still actually do!

Recently the subject of identification discs on dog collars came up; are they still needed and if so what should be on them? Surely if your dog is micro-chipped and is wearing a “I’m chipped, please scan me” tag that should be enough? Why would you put your name and address on a valuable pedigree dog? In this day and age you are asking for it to be dognapped and held to ransome? Surely the vet’s name is enough because if it is in an accident instant treatment is required!

As strange as it may seem now you STILL DO (by law) need a disc on the collar of your dog with your name and address on it. There is slight interpretation allowed on address as it does not need to be a full one but house number or name and postcode is required. Also just a surmane is allowed rather than full and absolute title but whether you own a Pug, a Glen of Imaal Terrier or a Great Dane to comply with the law it should be tagged. There are at least two local government websites that give a good reason as to why the disc should be in place; if your dog is picked up by the warden and there is a tag which can be read there is a fair chance that your dog will be returned straight home if it is a “first offence”. If no tag is visible though and the dog has to be “processed” with paperwork, a trip to the pound and a scanner it’ll cost you a fortune!

Can they do it?

Yes they can!

As people look for things to do with dogs the question of agility with Glen of Imaal Terriers is increasingly cropping up. Often the length of leg in relation to the length of body and overall mass is seen as a negative and the advice, if agility is to be tempted, is to get a lighter Glen but the bigger guys can do it.

Buster-just doing it!

Buster-just doing it!

Besides having fun at Mini Agility Glens can also do “proper” agility as Am Ch Broc Rua Tullulah showed over the weekend when she added a novice agility title to her name

and Tula-just doing it the American way!

and Tula-just doing it the American way!

Date for October diary

The Glen Association is holding a breed specific seminar on Saturday 17th October at Grenoside, Sheffield. It is an afternoon event and is aimed at people who have never attended a Glen of Imaal Terrier seminar previously. So if you are on the C judging list or thinking of putting your name forward to go onto it do get in touch with Anne Hardy ( for details.

Doing anything on Sunday?

This Sunday (13th) is the Cesky Terrier Fun Day. Every year the Cesky turn out to support the Glen of Imaal Terrier PRA Fundraising Event so maybe some Glen people would like to support them. This year there wasn’t a chance to take the Good Citizen Test at “our” do but the Cesky are giving people attending the chance so why not do it with them? Details of the day can be found on their website

Less than a month….

…….until Montgomery.

If any Glen of Imaal Terrier people are travelling over to Montgomery and the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America National Specialty bookings have to be made for the show dinner by September 15th to

Full details can be found on the American Club website.

In memory of……

Today a group travelled to the beautiful Llantysilio church to say goodbye to Brenda Jones. In memory of Brenda’s enthusiasm for always being early for everything the arrival at Church was also an early one which gave time to enjoy the view of the Horseshoe Falls and the River Dee. Glen of Imaal Terrier, Sealyham, Cesky, Norwich & Norfolk people were all represented and it was noticeable that one pew full of people suddenly sat very taller when Brenda’s connection with a “sort of Irish Terrier” was mentioned. Be assured their hard stares happened after the vicar had lost his place. Glen of Imaal ranks were further swelled at the crematorium by an early returnee from their holidays who just had to come back so as to say goodbye to Brenda.