Welsh Kennel Club critique

Having started judging Glen of Imaal Terriers in 1983 it was a real pleasure to award CCs for the first time.

PD: 1) Hardy’s Amhard Freebooter. 6 months of good quality, good strong head, eye, bite & teeth, good topline, nicely ribbed with defined quarters, moved & showed BP.

JD: 1) Brown’s Jeonty Dinky Doughnut. Good overall wheaten, decent head, excels in fore, good topline, coat a bit woolly, straight in stifle, sound & showy.

PGD: 1) Ashcroft’s Romainville Typhoon. Nice enough, outgoing with good head, eye, bite, good layback, well ribbed, good coat texture, a little flat in topline, moved soundly. 2) Garner’s Johnny Be Good at Romainville. Wheaten of decent quality all through, a little flat in topline, short of coat but what’s there is good, well muscled, moved a touch close behind. 3) Barnes’ Brockland Blackadder at Malsville.

LD: 1) Hardy’s Damson Sauce. Much quality & good type, in excellent coat & condition, well headed, A1 layback, good topline, straight in stifle, moved okay.

OD: Just like buses-you wait ages for one and then two come together. Both these deserved to win. 1) Roger’s Ch, Bel, NL Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster, top quality wheaten of type woth substance & fluidity, immaculately presented in good coat & hard condition, moving very well covering some ground. CC & BOB. 2) Welch’s Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Very close up with little to choose between them. This one is just as full of quality & attributes as the other & presented just as well. Splitting hairs meant the decision came down to the winner being so strong & true behind. RDCC.

PB: 1)Hardy’s Amhard Feeling So Cool. Absolutely raw baby, lots to like & promising, excellent forehand, good angulation & coat texture, erratic but sound behind.

JD: 1) Potts TheHolt Tara, very nice sort with much to like, A1 front & fore, good ribbing, body & coat, well defined quarters, sound but sluggish, owner needs to wake up to the reality of showing a dog with effect. 2) Whelan’s Brandy Babe. Average wheaten, perhaps time will improve.

PGB: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Alli Oop. Well constructed typy wheaten that could go on from here with attention to detail, overweight & in her underclothes, moved well. 2) Hadley’s Donvaleset Domino. Lots to like in construction though hind is not her fortune, could be trimmed to great effect, sound but close behind.

LB: 1) George & Sullivan’s Romainville Miss Moneypenny. Decent wheaten with good head properties, ok fore, good ribbing, no top coat, moved soundly.

OB: 1) Roger’s Jeonty Fern Grass. Top quality wheaten balanced all through, good head, excels in front & overall forehand, strong neck, well ribbed, good body with firm flexible loin, defined quarters with good muscletone all through, excellent coat & condition, moved and showed well. BCC. 2) Hardy’s Amhard Cut & Come Again. Close up & another that pleased overall with much quality. Not the condition or hind movement of winner but nice sort. RBCC

Roger Wright (Judge)