Can anybody help?

"Henrietta"Henrietta is a Glen of Imaal Terrier in Ashton dog pound. The areas covered by this pound are Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. If you know a Glen in that area please check that it is okay. If you are in Ireland and would like to give a Glen a home……

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  1. We would love to have her in our home … unfortunately the Atlantic separates us. We’ve been looking for a girl Glen to adopt in the US.

    • Hi Sally: If you are in the United States, there is a Glen that needs adopting. Not a female, but Glens come up for adoption so rarely I thought you might be interested. This one is located with his breeder in California near San Francisco.
      Good luck with finding a Glen…they are a treasure.
      Lora Clark

      Friends of Glens,

      We are looking to rehome a 7 year-old, recently neutered male Glen, “Grady”. See attached photo.

      Grady loves people, is gentle and deferential with small children, and loves to cuddle. He walks very well on leash (we use the Gentle Leader with all our Glens), sits well, waits for his food, etc. His only big personality defect is some fear aggression toward dogs which means he should be the ONLY dog in the household. He wants other dogs to keep their distance and will lunge at them if they don’t. He does respect his 11 year old mother, however, who has an alpha personality and knows how to keep male dogs in line…>;O)

      Grady was a pup from our 2002 litter who was sadly abandoned this summer by his owners when their lives collapsed due to illness and who knows what all. He was definitely neglected the last year but does not seem to have been abused. He is recovering quite well physically and in spirit. We’ve got his weight back up and he’s refreshed on the training we gave him as a pup. He has recently been neutered (something the owners should have done but didn’t…sigh) and has recovered well. He has some skin problems in his armpits due to anxious licking but which are diminishing with medicated shampoo and we are confident will disappear once he is in his own home, not competing for attention with two other dogs, and not getting frustrated with spending so much time in an ex-pen. He has a mild heart murmur, like his mother and father and some other Glens do, but is in overall good health and has no problem with normal exercise. Both his mother and father have always been extremely healthy Glens and neither have turned out to have PRA.

      Grady currently weighs about 40lbs but could easily carry a few more pounds. His bones are BIG, like his father’s, and his front feet are HUGE, like he’s wearing clown shoes. He is a big sweetie who deserves a good home.

      Here’s our contact information:

      Jane Veeder and Karl Hauser, San Mateo, CA

  2. Thanks Lora for the lead. We have a male year old Glen so Grady doesn’t appear to be a good fit for us. I do hope they are successful in finding a home for him.

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