Autumn Statistics

The Autumn edition of the Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement shows twenty Glen of Imaal Terriers being registered, eighteen puppies and two importations. One of the litters has “blue and brindle” as the colour but hopefully this is just a printing error. Sixteen Glens are also listed as having been eye tested and all were found to be unaffected at the date of test.

7 thoughts on “Autumn Statistics

  1. That will be me Sue whoever you are ? dad always called them blue brindles,blues or wheatens as did Frank Fallon,Paddy Brennan,Jack Hurley and many other people with years of knowledge and experience.If its good enough for them its good enough for me.Its NOT a printing error if its my litter i call them blue brindles because they are i cannot imagine you could disagree with the likes of Fallon and Brennan .I was with Paddy Jnr this weekend he saw one which he called blue brindle.

  2. Hello Stephen!

    Sue is referring to the registration of a little baby girl, by the name of Nicki O’Hanlon, some 4O years ago! 😉

    Liz’s comment is that the colour of three pups from one of the litters registered in the Autumn BRS was listed as “blue AND brindle” rather than “blue brindle”. The colours for your litter are listed as wheaten (x 3) and blue brindle (x 6).

    I hope everything makes more sense now!


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