Archives that need your help!

This was taken just outside the Glen of Imaal Terrier benches at Birmingham National in 1990; isn’t everybody young! Memory is going though and one person isn’t recognised so can anybody help?

Back left (toasting the photographer) is Brenda Jones & opposite her is Gareth ? Next to Gareth is Liz Gay & then comes Ro Whinn-as she was then. Norma Wilkinson, partially concealed by Sue Phillips opening a bottle of wine, is next. Then there is Linda Smith’s mum, Linda herself but who is the person between her and Brenda?

3 thoughts on “Archives that need your help!

  1. Hello everyone it is Anna Roxburgh She bred my little bitch Tessa Pindeo was her Affix she also had German shepherds and her partener was Larry

    Hope every one is well and I hope every one has a good day at the Champ show next week I will be thinking of you as I will be working see you next year


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