This is He-The Herb

Glen Services had an unexpected lodger just before Christmas. Basset Hound Rescue had no room so Herbie came to stop for a while. The “Kennel” that he originally came from had 17 litters advertised in December and (surprise, surprise) they don’t have that many now. It was hoped that Herbie would be placed quickly but the people who were to have him said one very telling sentence-but surely they don’t eat much? and they weren’t being ironic. So if anybody knows anybody who would like The Herb….

One interesting thing has come out of this and that is the “half-listening” ear of the general public. The “Kennel” were he came from has quite a flash website that does, quite prominently, mention Licenced and somebody who saw it thought that meant ACCREDITED as per the Kennel Club Breeder Scheme and got quite uptight that the KC allows such things to go on. The differences have been explained.

Just for reference

The USA has there is something called the Canine Health Information Centre (CHIC) database. To get accepted for a CHIC number hip x-rays (plus paperwork) and eye examination paperwork must be sent. Included with these must be microchip or tattoo information. A UK chipped Glen of Imaal Terrier has just had a number refused because they do NOT recognise an English chip. This is being looked into.

Boxing Day-a tradition lives on!

We were giving ourselves the Christmas week off but the reports from Boxing Day say the “holiday” should be curtailed and as it has been suggested…….

The Glen of Imaal must be one of the few remaining Terrier breeds that still has legitimately docked puppies and this can be done because members of our community still work their dogs. Glen owners, both with working dogs and ones who supported the right to choose, were there on the Countryside Alliance marches but the Government was so wrapped up in its “class wars” ideal that everything which indicated they were wrong (scientific studies, their OWN inquiry) was ignored. So 5 years on how is the traditional Boxing day meet of the hunts seen in the media?

The Telegraph, Sunday Times, Yorkshire Post and The Independent are some of the papers that all believe that the Boxing Day meet of 2009 will be the last held before their is a possible repeal on the ban because nobody can really, in all honesty, quite see why it came into being!

‘Tis the season then….

….it’s time to wish everybody HAPPY CHRISTMAS

Christmas cards come in many different guises and seemingly never more so than this year. Tradition seems to be back big time but there are many different ways it is expressed. How about a card with palm trees, flamingoes, blue skies, blue sea and a beautiful poinsettia in the foreground? Christmas in Florida!

Notice the Santa and reindeer-this is another traditional card

Have a peaceful few days and if the weather at the moment holds true the traditional stripping, between Christmas and New Year, of your Glen of Imaal Terrier’s coat ready for a superb jacket by Crufts and onto National Terrier should work for the first time in years. Did somebody mention global warming?

‘Tis the season and….

what have the Kennel Club announced for next year?

They have selected 4Sight Licensing Solutions to handle their worldwide programmes.

4Sight is seeking partners in event merchandise, dog accessories, publishing, paper goods, toys, interactive, clothing, gifts, collectibles and grooming products. The agent plans to license the brands separately, positioning Kennel Club at mid-tier markets and an older demographic, while Crufts will be targeted to a younger, mass market audience.

“Both Crufts and the Kennel Club brands have strong potential—they both have outstanding reputations and with more than 23 percent of U.K. consumers owning one or more dogs, the pet market is a very important and fast-growing one,” says Sandra Vauthier-Cellier, managing director of 4Sight Licensing Solutions. “We are looking forward to promoting both brands and signing licensees across a range of sectors.”

The four-day Crufts dog show, organized and hosted by the Kennel Club, is attended by more than 150,000 dog lovers from the U.K. and overseas.

In the U.S., 4Sight already represents the American Kennel Club. Its program includes more than 25 licensees with product available at 5,000-plus retailers.

‘Tis the season BUT…..

……something has got to be said!!

In January/February 2008 the UK Glen of Imaal Terrier world had media coverage like never seen before. Very poorly researched articles appeared all over regarding the state of the breed; Glens were “rarer than the Giant Panda” was the headline most often used and we knew it would cause trouble. Of course it was fought as hard as it could be but why listen to the actuality when the supposed factuality was so much more attention grabbing?

As had been expected that year saw Glens for sale with a price that could not believed but some people bought them because they were “so rare and near extinction”. This year has seen internet advertising of Glen litters reach new heights and many have selling lines like “difficult to get puppies”, “this very rare breed” and one even did do the Panda headline. There are some internet advertisers of Glen of Imaal Terriers who do the job properly by screening their buyers, by explaining about the breed, by having them to meet the parents and suggest other Glens to visit but there are others that don’t and this is why, for the first time in years, THREE GLENS HAVE BEEN IN RESCUE WITHIN A MATTER OF WEEKS!!!!! It is also known of, at least, two others who are looking for new homes after being sold to totally the wrong situation but these (up to yet) aren’t coming into Rescue because big money was paid and they want it back!

So, in honour of the season of goodwill, if you are thinking of getting a Glen of Imaal Terrier in 2010 (or even later) do have a look at this. Reading it through and answering the questions honestly could save you a lot of problems as your Glen matures. Glens are a breed that should bring a smile to a face but you need to honestly know what baggage travels with it

Change of Judge

Mr Ellis Hulme has withdrawn from judging Glen of Imaal Terriers at Crufts 2011 and the replacement judge is Mr Harry O’Donoghue. Harry is the maestro of the world famous Blackdale Fox Terrier kennels and a judge of most breeds. He first judged Glens in the UK in the late 80s at Welsh Kennel Club. He has judged three times in the United States and at the prestigious Montgomery Show gave the nod for Best of Breed to Finnabair Rockets Red Glare. He has awarded Challenge Certificates once previously in Glens, at the “Special” Irish Native Breeds Show in Dublin 2009, and Best of Breed there was Abberann Conan