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The USA has there is something called the Canine Health Information Centre (CHIC) database. To get accepted for a CHIC number hip x-rays (plus paperwork) and eye examination paperwork must be sent. Included with these must be microchip or tattoo information. A UK chipped Glen of Imaal Terrier has just had a number refused because they do NOT recognise an English chip. This is being looked into.

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  1. CHIC only shows 7 entries if you search for the breed but if you click any of those dogs you link to more that have the CHIC logo on the OFA page.
    Some database!

  2. I have finally talked to OFA enough times to get approval of the English microchip in the USA (admittedly small) database on CHIC. They require eye tests, hip tests, and a permanent identification; either a tattoo or a microchip. They will not, however, accept a DNA profile number as a substitute for a tattoo or microchip, even though their certificate indicates any of the three and mine is printed with the AKC # for DNA profile.
    I have now re-sent my application.
    Lora Clark

  3. I get 22 dogs from that link but search by name is now bringing up no results………
    Glitch at their end?

  4. Hi Sue: I explained Spike and Brando to them and finally they read my messages together. I think I had someone who answered without checking or something of the kind. It took a number of e-mails back and forth, with me giving the number and the DNA profile number; perhaps I didn’t make myself clear early enough, as they said my certificate should have a blank where the number should be and it didn’t. It had the DNA profile number. I’ve sent everything but his pedigree to them now. Just a miscommunication I’m sure.

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