This is He-The Herb

Glen Services had an unexpected lodger just before Christmas. Basset Hound Rescue had no room so Herbie came to stop for a while. The “Kennel” that he originally came from had 17 litters advertised in December and (surprise, surprise) they don’t have that many now. It was hoped that Herbie would be placed quickly but the people who were to have him said one very telling sentence-but surely they don’t eat much? and they weren’t being ironic. So if anybody knows anybody who would like The Herb….

One interesting thing has come out of this and that is the “half-listening” ear of the general public. The “Kennel” were he came from has quite a flash website that does, quite prominently, mention Licenced and somebody who saw it thought that meant ACCREDITED as per the Kennel Club Breeder Scheme and got quite uptight that the KC allows such things to go on. The differences have been explained.

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