The Kennel Club requests:-

“The Kennel Club has made a commitment to helping to ensure all prospective puppy buyers only buy from a responsible breeder and we would like to provide further information on our website for buyers as to the rough price of a pedigree puppy in each breed and what they should expect to spend if they are buying from a good breeder.  The aim is to try to stop puppy buyers going to the ‘cheapest’ seller who may well be a puppy farmer – this can also apply to those charging top prices as we all know.

To this effect we would like to kindly ask you whether as an expert in your breed you could possibly help us by letting us know what the approximate cost of a puppy should be. We understand that costs can be dependant on a number of variables, but we are looking at a basic cost for a prospective owner buying a puppy as a pet.

We would be really grateful if you could help us with this information.”

Obviously this isn’t JUST Glen of Imaal Terriers but all breeds so if you come under the jurisdiction of the KC do speak to your own people!

1 thought on “The Kennel Club requests:-

  1. Sorry for digging up an old topic but was talking to a loss adjuster today and mentioned the hippocracy of pet insurance companies who will happily take premiums for stupid prices of designer cross breeds but won’t accept a foal valuation over half that of it’s dam without a full vetting.

    Her comment was “There is no Glasses’ guide for dog prices.”

    Is this what the Kennel Club is aiming towards?

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