Glen Association Championship Show critique

Glen of Imaal Association Championship Show-December 2009

Minor Puppy   (0)

Puppy Dog (2)

1st      Allerman Glenwellieka Flint of Flynn-Strong in head, good bite large teeth, correct front, good topline, well angulated, moved well. Coat a little soft  Best Puppy

 2nd   Hardy  Amhard Freebooter- Good head and bite, slightly shorter in loin, not so good in front as 1, harsh coat

 Junior Dog (2)

1st   Barnaby Kenocto Chiefs Song-Strong head, well placed ears,  bite not correct, good neck and shoulders, good topline , moved with drive, shame about mouth

2nd    Penny  Grizzlemarsh Digby-Good head and bite, Ok in tipline , would like more angulation, good  coat

 Post Grad Dog (7,2a)

1st   Rogers  Jeonty Wanabee Bauer-Good head, strong jaw good bite, good shoulder and front good topline well angulated , best mover, coat coming

2nd  Holmes  Gerrardstown Frederick of Knockroe-good head ,strong neck and good shoulders, well sprung ribs, good tail set, and good coat

3rd  Hadley Donvaneset Rubus

 Limit Dog (3)

 1st   George & Sullivan Feohanagh Bryan at Romainville-Well made dog, strong head and good bite,  good pigmentation and good ears, well laid shoulder, good ribs and deep chest correct topline. This dog is on the lazy side, if he had more go about him he would do well.

2nd  Garner Johnny be good at Romainville-Smaller dog than 1 well balanced good bite, strong jaw, good topline good angulation moved well

3rd    Hardy Amhard Dansak

 Open Dog (6,2a)

1st   Welch Ch & Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad=good head and well placed ears,   good shoulders and best of fronts deep chest ribs well sprung good tail set moved with drive. CC and BIS

2nd  White Ch, Ir  Am & Sw Ch Abberann Conan-good head , strong jaw,  muscular neck, well sprung ribs, good tail set, preferred the front of 1, Res C.C.  RBIS

3rd    Rogers Ch, NL & Bel Ch Jeonty Wannabe Buster

 Veteran Dog (1,1a)

 1st   White  Abberann Tyrone-10 year old pleasing head, good pigmentation and large nose, good ears and shoulder,s good feet and top line moved well

Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Puppy Bitch (1)

 1st    Hardy  Ahmard Feeling so Cool-feminine head, ok for bone, good angulation, moved ok on a loose lead

Junior Bitch (4,2a)

1st    Whitaker Chickame Springtime Roses-pleasing in head good bite, reluctant mover.

2nd    Smith Grizzlelmarsh Dorathea-ok in front, good top line, lacked rear angulation, harsh coat

Post Graduate Bitch (8,2a)

1st    Holmes Grizzlemarsh Cassie,  good bite large teeth, good front, well ribbed, good topline and tail set moved well

2nd   Rogers Jeonty Maybe Daysee nice outline , dark eye, good ear set, good topline moved ok

3rd   George & Sullivan Romainville Rhian

 Limit Bitch (7)

1st   Allerman Emeldir Princess Astrid at Glenwellieka -Dark eyes, good pigmentation, small rose shaped ears that worked well, good front and correct top line, well angulated, coat could have been better-a bit soft

2nd   Seall Brockland Belle Begorrey-Good overall balance good neck and shoulders harsh coat moved well

3rd   George & Sullivan Romainville Alley Oop

 Open Bitch (5)

1st   Whites Ch & Ir Ch Abberann Enya-well presented,  good pigmentation.  good neck and shoulder. good tailset and angulation  covered ground, well handled. C.C. BOS

2nd   Rogers Ch Jeonty Fern Grass-Different type to 1,  soundly made bitch, pleasing in outline, good head and bite, good front, moved well. Res.C.C.

3rd   George & Sullivan Romainville Miss Moneypenny

 Veteran Bitch (3)

1st   Seall Brockland Merrylegs for Bregorrey-nearly 10 years & could still hold her own in the open class, good expression, good bite, neck shoulders and fron,t  good rea,r moved well,  Best Veteren

2nd     Welsh Bel Ch Brockland Brenna Anne-another good type  moved ok

3rd   White Ch & Ir Ch Aberann Diva

 Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog or Bitch  (2)

1st   Barnaby Kenocto Chiefs Song

2nd  Abell Ballynorton Bluebell

Breeder Class  won by Mrs Rogers

There still seems to be different types of Glens, some heads could be stronger,  one or two mouths not right which is something to be watched easy to get not so easy to get rid of.  Some fronts turn out rather more than I would like, some dogs lacked hind angulation and with the KC wanting dogs fit for purpose these things must be kept an eye on

Jane Withers (Judge)