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January still but Championship Show schedules for the late Spring/early Summer are arriving thick and fast. Judges for Glen of Imaal Terriers are:-

SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB-Alan Small. A Terrier man who has judged Glens for quite a few years. His second set of Challenge Certificates, his first at WKC 2007 with the top awards going to Daisy and Homer.

BATH-Karen Forbes (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1996. Living in the north of Scotland but has the only Show Certificate of Merit for a Glen and a Champion.

THREE COUNTIES-Jean Rogers (No CCs). A Glen of Imaal owner since 1988. Dominated the “of the Year” competitions for 15 years, three Champions bred in one litter.

BLACKPOOL-Peter Chappell (No CCs). A Terrier man with a long connection to Glen of Imaals so possibly a waste of a judge with only four classes scheduled.

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  1. OK, I’m going to ask a question….. Why has Jean not been given an appt with CC’s???? It makes no sense, she is probably the most experienced glen person we have on the show circuit….

  2. Maybe because she is only on the GOITA ‘B’ list – and needs to be on the A3 list to be invited to award CCs? I’m sure that she more than fulfils the Association’s A3 list criteria so, as an outsider I can only assume that it is down to breed politics.

    Those who have taken this stance should be ashamed of themselves especially as, since most societies make appointments several years in advance, it may be that Jean will fall foul of the age rule and will never get the chance at all. What a waste!

    Hopefully all those who DO value an experienced opinion on their dogs will turn out in force at Three Counties and give her one of the biggest entries of the year, even if those apparently so-important little green and white cards aren’t on offer.


  3. Mrs Atter as you said “i can only assume” and that the people have taken this stance should hang thier heads in shame ?.Madam on an assumption ? in my job assumptions are a dangerous thing i find it best to stick to the facts .I am on the GOITA committee and i have never seen this “assumption” in action “fact”.

  4. All breed clubs are required by the KC to have judging lists. Each breed club sets its own criteria – it would appear that Jean Rogers fulfils the stated criteria for the GOITA.

    Therefore there is no valid reason for her not to be on the A3 list. Maybe, as a committee member you can explain why she is not? She has far, far better credentials than some of those that have already awarded CCs.

    Wearing my hat as Terrier representative on the East of England committee I have to say that the Glen of Imaal judging list is one of the strangest and most illogical that I have ever come across. Maybe your committee should give urgent attention to its revision?

  5. Nicki i will check on why your not on the list at the next meeting and let you know why Mrs Rogers isnt higher i will be honest Nicki i do not know i will ask though.
    Mrs Atter you appear to be having a go at GOITA with assumptions and your opinion of why Mrs Rogers isnt on the A3 list without any factual base by the way Mrs Atter do you keep Glens ?.I would also ask why you keep poping at GOITA via assumptions and ideas based on your opinion why not ask Mrs Hardy straight out im sure as you are a GOITA member she will tell you .
    Its just your opinion Mrs Atter and please keep to the facts.

  6. Hi Stephen,
    No I don’t own any Glens, although I have admired the breed for more than twenty years – I first judged them in 1987.

    I’ve known Jean Rogers for most of that time, and have the utmost respect for her integrity and knowlege of the breed. I think it is a tragedy that her expertise is not being used in this country – although Glen owners in other countries are more than ready to take advantage of her knowledge.

    I’m sorry that you think my comments are based on ‘assumptions’ not facts – it IS a fact that Jean has had more show ring success than any other UK breeder; it IS a fact that she has judged many more Glens both in the UK and in Europe than asked for by the GOITA judging criteria as published on the club judging list. She HAS attended a breed specific seminar run by the Association. These are facts – not assumptions.

    Therefore there can be no reason – given also her experience as a breeder, why she should not be qualified for the GOITA A3 list. That is a FACT, not an assumption.

    I’m sorry also that you think I’m ‘having a go’ at GOITA. I am not a member of the Association, and perhaps you are right and I shouldn’t pass comment. However I have a great fondness for Glens, and it is very sad to see personalities and politics get in the way of the welfare of the breed.


  7. Instead of bandying Jean,s name all over the blog has noone thought to ask the lady herself….I myself was on the b list for years in red and whites until the penny dropped….not sent in a updated c.v. Just a thought. Val

  8. Mrs Atter i agree about Mrs Rogers success but you did say ” i can only assume its down to breed politics” and “Those people who have taken this stance should hold thier heads in shame” your words “assumptions”. I go along with Val and her view has anybody asked Mrs Rogers ?.

  9. Jean has sent an up to date cv to the Assoc. so hopefully she will be given the judging appt she deserves 🙂

  10. Nicki … you are on GOITA’s ‘C’ list.

    2003!! Goodness me!

    I first judged Glens in 2004, when my first Glen was six years old – 3 classes; 6 Glens. Next appointment was five years later, in September 2009 – 2 classes; 2 Glens. At this rate, it will take me another ten years to get onto the ‘B’ list (if the 9 classes and 9 Glens criteria still stands)!! Shame I can’t count the 30 Glens I judged in Finland in 2006. ;-(

  11. It’s a shame that Glen folk don’t support the Open Shows as they used to – especially as 9 is not exactly a huge number to have judged in order to achieve ‘B’ list status. For comparison, we expect Cesky Terrier judges to have judged 25 for the ‘B’ list and 50 for our A3 list – and of course as we don’t have CCs we don’t have A1 or A2 lists

  12. i think i shall have to resend my cv in as I have done more than 9. Will have to look in my judging book to get the dates and numbers of both shows

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