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NT closes today

National Terrier, THE terrier show in the UK, needs today’s date on your envelope if you still support snail mail. 5th March is the date if you enter online. The show is at New Bingley Hall Stafford and Glen of Imaal Terriers are to be judged by Anne Hardy.

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We often get asked….

We often get asked about grooming the Glen and these requests come in from all over the world. Obviously we often refer people to the grooming pages on the Glen Services site and Barbara Bird’s groom blog is very useful but both resources only allow for “mute following”, there is no chance to go, “yes, but what about…?” Petgroomer has started a new forum to discuss grooming breeds. It is brand new and, as yet, there is nothing there for a Glen of Imaal Terrier so you will at least know that your question won’t disappear in a ruck of others so you could always give it a go.

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After Crufts….

Emails are coming in asking about the 2010 PRA Fundraising Event. Yes, there will be eye testing (all breeds as well as Glen of Imaal Terriers). Yes, there will be a Companion Show. Yes, we are hoping to do an ebay auction. The date is Saturday July 17th and there are some details on the EFG blog but fuller details will be released after Crufts.

Anybody who has been to any of the previous Fundraisers should have a look at a new dog toy….our retro idea is catching on everywhere!


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Will the same be done to “us”?

This was done after Westminster and has been sent as a warning to anybody who has picked white for their Crufts outfit…..make sure your sound is on!

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A First for the IKC

The first public presentation of the Irish Kennel Club’s Judges Education Seminar will take place on 6th March 2010 at Green Isle Hotel, Newlands Cross, Dublin.
Topics to be covered:
Canine construction, movement,
Breed features, ring control
Critiques’, overview of groups
Health issues, panel Q + A

When it is refined it will be compulsory for all aspiring and progressing judges. The intention is to make those interested in judging more prepared, more knowledgeable and to give them an approach and structure that will make them a better judge.

Attendance is only by pre-booking with Marion Campbell

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Murray’s the Man

                                                                                                                    Yesterday Murray (Give Me Liberty At Elric) celebrated his 17th birthday. Obviously not as spry as he once was he still enjoys a bit of excercise, a bit of playing & has ambitions on the ladies. Is he the oldest living Glen of  Imaal Terrier in the world?

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Staying “across the pond”

The Kennel Club has “lent” the Crufts logo to an increasing number of things over the past few years but it is way behind the American Kennel Club with its marketing ideas. The jury is still out on this one , possibly not quite the way the KC would go.

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