After Crufts….

Emails are coming in asking about the 2010 PRA Fundraising Event. Yes, there will be eye testing (all breeds as well as Glen of Imaal Terriers). Yes, there will be a Companion Show. Yes, we are hoping to do an ebay auction. The date is Saturday July 17th and there are some details on the EFG blog but fuller details will be released after Crufts.

Anybody who has been to any of the previous Fundraisers should have a look at a new dog toy….our retro idea is catching on everywhere!

5 thoughts on “After Crufts….

  1. my dogs have always had toys, Mahluf had quite a collection and never destroyed one of them! In fact the first toy he was ever bought has been passed on to Mutley. We only ever had problems with hide chews, Mahluf got impacted wih them twice. x

  2. Gosh Nicki arent Glend different if you put a toy in with any of mine they would rag it to death.I will tell you a little story at west mids terrier show a few years ago the judge was dropping a toy wanting my dog to react Fred didnt the judge looked surprised.I then suggested he drop the toy again and let me command he did i said kill it and he ragged it he laughed .My dogs Nicki will not react without my command but i do belive that some lines of glen have a very strong prey drive and others do not.We have never had a problem with the hide bones ares simply chew and eat them and grind bones down and eat them.
    Toys are a no no here ask Jan they simply destroy them.

  3. Mahluf used to greet us every time we came home with a mouth full (at least 4) toys. When we lost him we passed about 30 onto greyhound resuce for them to have for the kennel dogs. Jean’s solider had a teddy which he looked after, then one day her Kirk got hold of it and Jean had to stick it together again. She gave it back to Solider and he destroyed it!!

    Think the reason why we love glens is that they are all so different!

    Mahluf had a habbit of not chewing hide chews and that’s why they got banned! Pigs ears he loved, nd would chew them properly.

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