Pass the word please

Fluff is a 8 months old male Blue and Tan Australian Terrier. He has been missing since 24th February 2010 from Edrom near Duns. He is micro chipped. Please keep an eye out for Fluff and get in touch with Sheila Stoddart on 01890 818003 or get in touch with

It has happened to all of us!

Sometimes when you are competing in the showring and your Glen of Imaal Terrier decides to do it “their way”-which may be anything from laying down to leaping around like a demented banshee-you end up thinking “why me?” as you look around at all the other beautifully behaved dogs. The reason it was you was because you had a Glen of the lead and they will always do it the way they want; even in the Terrier Group ring at Westminster.