Here we go again…..

Maybe it is something to do with Crufts coming up, and the possibility the people will see Glen of Imaal Terriers at the NEC and decide they want one, but the litter currently being advertised in Cornwall DOES NOT EXIST. They are a scam/con to get people to part with money. There is no five generation pedigree, no KC papers, no Glens!

If you are thinking of having a Glen of Imaal Terrier do visit Crufts, either “upstairs” at Discover Dogs or “downstairs” Friday at the ring, talk to people and meet the breed but you won’t get a puppy there. No Glen of Imaal person will promise you one on the strength of patting a dogs head. They will want you to visit at home, to get greeted at thigh height by muddy paws and be towed down the garden, before a decision is made.