Pet’s Passport

When the European regulation that allowed free movement of dogs around Europe came into force in 2004 the UK Sweden and Malta were allowed to keep more stringent rules for dogs entering their countries than the rest of Europe.

The additional rules required extra blood tests, a strict requirement to keep rabies jabs up to date and in the case of the UK extra worming and tick treatments. Sweden UK and Malta were only allowed to have these extra rules until the 30th June 2010. So at the end of June UK dogs should have the same freedom to move around Europe as the rest of their European cousins and their owners no longer have to pay for a vet to worm and tick treat. The UK government could ask for an extension but it doesn’t appear that they have done as there is no consultation document presented and the timing, if done now, would be wrong. So the UK’s disease protection will depend on responsible and sensible owners ensuring their dogs are properly protected.

It would be wise to check to check with DEFRA before you travel this summer as our border enforcement teams may not be avid readers of the law and a debate with the jobs worth when you return home as that could mean quarantine!