Today’s consultation document

Third party insurance is mentioned so IF it looks as if the statute book will be reached the Dogs Trust could always be looked at.

The Kennel Club response is poor to say the least. They have appointed a Communications’s Director so why isn’t the Director leading the way with a headline grabbing initiative of the Kennel Club’s own………….register a dog with us, health test with us and insurance will be included as a matter of course.

It’s Crufts week but….

….this will continue long after Crufts 2010 has faded into the memory.

With just a few weeks to go before a general election the Labour Party has launched a consultation to amend the Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991. The Tosa, Dogo, Pit Bull and Fila are already banned in public places but the new amendments would also ban them in the home…..once again the breed not the deed. Also mentioned in the consultation is the proposal┬áthat all dog owners┬ámust have third party insurance and the dogs be microchipped-the misdemeanours of the few causing penalties for the majority. If you only have one or two dogs though aren’t you already covered by your home insurance under the public liability clause?

Something very obvious has to be said: the police can’t manage to enforce anything much due to “lack of resources” so who will be responsible for this if it does happen?