Glen of Imaal Results

Crufts 2010 saw Barney (Ch/Bel Ch Bockland Brayhead Lad) take Best of Breed with Fern (Ch Jeonty Fern Grass)  Best Bitch. The two Reserves were Buster(Ch/Bel/NL Jeonty Wannabe Buster) and Breege(Brockland Merrylegs for Bregorrey). Breege was also Best Veteran. Best Puppy was Glenwellieka Flint of Flynn.

12 thoughts on “Glen of Imaal Results

  1. Discover dogs was great yesterday Jason Atkin,Mr/Mrs Gardener and lovely chap from london and myself with 4 dogs.It was not too crowded and lots of nice people not many of the people showing came and spoke just Anne and Mel,Kathy,Mrs Smith and Cresta and the couple who own typhoon when i was there.
    Enda Buckley and his wife came over and had a good chat i really enjoy DD and the game fairs its great for the dogs and for the breed.I must say we were suprised and dissapointed on how early some people are being told to geld thier dogs and bitches by vets and do so 6 moths is Far too early.On the show it must be my weekend for a wager i got all the major positions correct in a chat with Jason at 0800 that morning.Well done to you on your wins.

    • Stephen,

      I came over and you were busy with your dog so I had a good chat with Jason, you did however see me and smiled. It’s a good job you all do. I had an enquiry about a breed stand I thought he said breed standard…. and started rabbiting on, then after a confused look and clarification directed him the Discover Dogs. Enjoyable day.

  2. just watched Ruth on the catch up service, looked really good and some nice comments about Barney. Although Mr Pervis needs to learn how to read!! lol

  3. i came up too Stephen but you had gone. Rich, Scarlett (the glen) and i popped up in the afternoon, the guys on the stand gave Scarlett a drink of some posh bottled water too! lol

    popped by again with Mum on Sat and spoke to Val and her daughter too.

  4. EFG please could you put something up concerning Bath charging on the gate and what this could mean to some people thank you

    • Hadn’t forgotten your suggestion; it’ll be here after Crufts and before closing date (as promised)

  5. what are they charging for? I’m going with my two, but don’t want to have to pay extra!!

  6. We seem to have gone completely off-topic here but, in answer to your question Nicki, Stephen is referring to admission charges for the general public – £4.00 for adults and £2.00 for children & OAPs.

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