Bath Show NOT Charging Admission Fees!

Bath Championship Show has, after lobbying from exhibitors, decided NOT to charge an admission fee for the general public this year. This means that any legally docked dog can be exhibited there. As it is still legal to dock in Ireland any Glen of Imaal Terriers born there after 2007 can now be exhibited.

11 thoughts on “Bath Show NOT Charging Admission Fees!

  1. The rules are a bit convoluted but as Crufts charges admission fees to the public the only docked dogs allowed in the show rings had to have been born before the ban even if legally docked or born overseas.

  2. I don’t understand why not charging an admission fee allows docked dogs to compete but charging admission doesn’t.

  3. it’s part of the act.

    Docked puppies/dogs born since april 07 are not allowed to be shown at any show where the public pay entry except where they are doing working demonstrations. (cannot be show dogs)

  4. As an American who has been interested in purebred dogs for 50 years, I consider the whole idea of banning docking plain stupid. But it could happen here too.

  5. i’ve now got my first ‘tailed’ glen, still looks odd! lol have stood on it afew times too!! i have to say when we had our litter the pups didn’t even wake up whilst their tails were docked, it was only the removal of dew claws that made them squeek for a couple of secs.

  6. Nicki, exactly right. Our pups slept through it too, even in the vet’s office. Of course terriers need docked tails as handles to pull from underground. But you cannot reason with the “politically correct” because they know what everyone else should do.
    Buckley, who died last week, was imported to San Francisco from Finland and had an undocked tail. He was a beautiful dog who like his son Welby (whom we bred) had a straight up tail. But since was undocked, the part beyond the “handle” was often over the back.
    I will never get adjusted to terriers who should be docked not being docked!

  7. i can see the exact point that Mutley’s tail needs chopping off!! his tail is a bit curly, but he seems to be learning how to hold it straighter now. sorry to hear about Buckley x

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