…and then there was one.

Last year we celebrated three from the same litter arriving at their 15th birthday but then Veronica went just after Christmas. Soldier now stands alone because last Wednesday Murphy began the walk to be with the Family. Once before it had been realised that the call was being heard and, with heavy heart, it was expected he would go but Murphy stayed here because he was needed; he was needed for Joe and then needed for Ruth when Joe began his own journey.

It is somehow so fitting that the call came again on St. Patrick’s Day as Murphy did so much to register Glen of Imaal Terriers into the show world consciousness. For five years he was virtually unbeatable in the ring and everybody knew Murph-he WAS the Glen in the Group Ring-and now he walks with the Boys as Joe stands and watches and smiles at his dog who now, with The Family, stands easily alongside them.

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  1. So sorry to read this news – I’m one of many who gave Murphy top honours in the show ring.

    My thoughts are with Ruth at this time.

  2. Welby and his mother Julie send their condolences to her grandfather’s (Soldier) brother’s (Murphy) family, human and canine.

    Welby lost his father Buckley, as you all know, just a few days ago.

    Eleanore and I saw both brothers in England. Welby looks a lot like Murphy.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Ruth.

  3. oh I’m so sorry to hear this news, i think it’s the news lots of us have been dreading. Ruth our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

    I’m now lucky enough to have Murphy’s grandson. I think he’s def got some of Murphy’s spirit in him!

    sending you lots of love.

    Nicki, Richard, Scarlett and Mutley xx

  4. Met Joe and Ruth and their dogs when they came over to do the Circuit. I can so believe that Murphy knew he was needed here for a while longer. Please still be strong Ruth, you have many thoughts coming your way.

  5. Sending you our love Ruth, we empathise wholeheartedly.

    Murphy certainly raised the bar high in his time, and gave us something to aim for. He was a character!

    Rest in peace

    love Joanne, Jamie, Jack and Emily
    and Lola who would have loved him!


  6. Condolences from his granddaughter Piper and great granddaughter CoCo and great grandson Floyd. May he live on in his offspring and in our hearts.

  7. So sorry to hear about Murphy. He left an indelible imprint on the breed. Our thoughts are with you Ruth, and condolences from Soldier’s granddaughter Corky.

  8. Our condolences Ruth, on the passing of Murphy, a real character who left his mark on the breed and will be greatly missed. Our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

    Ann, Noel & Lisha (Murphy’s grandaughter)

  9. Many thanks for all your kind thoughts about Murphy. He was a lovely dog . I will miss him terribly.


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