Wales bans “shock collars”.

Wales has become the first part of the UK to ban the use of electric shock collars. Use of the collar, in Wales, could lead to a fine of up to £20,000 or 6 months in jail.

Shock collars are a very emotive subject but a few Glen of Imaal Terrier owners around the world have used them and have been very impressed. One owner had to go on a half day course (with the Glen) before being allowed to purchase one. The idea was two fold:- was the dog “suitable” for a collar and would the owner be able to use it correctly. Of course a collar isn’t the answer in many, many cases but any piece of training equipment in the wrong hands can be cruel. The key is to use the appropriate piece of equipment for a particular dog, in the correct situation, and in the correct way but not in Wales anymore

3 thoughts on “Wales bans “shock collars”.

  1. Shock collars have saved the lives of 4 glens sent to me over the years for sheep-killing, permitting them to go on and live full happy lives to this day. One year and a half later one dog is used for hunting fox overground in a gun pack and still remembers his training, is steady to sheep, cattle, ponies etc.

    They have their uses, when used carefully & knowledgably.

  2. Spot on Marie the rspca have a cheek a organisation that shoots dogs captive bolt pistols and piths the brain .This from an organisation that says it prevents cruelty ha ha ha .Thier is nothing wrong with control collars they have a purpose and used properly work well.
    As for KC being in favour im lost for words they need to get thier own house order 1st .

  3. Hi there Stephen. These collars are very very useful and I think people should hear about the positive use of them because all they do hear it seems is emotive reports of them being used cruelly.

    In general training i use a clicker, treats and a firm no, but without the shock collar, those 4 glens would be dead.

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