Already it’s August!

As East of England and Paignton schedules arrive through the door it’s probably time to give an updat on 2010 Glen of Imaal Terrier judges.

Boston     David Shields (no CCs)

Crufts      Harold Gay (first time giving CCs)

National Terrier    Anne Hardy (second time giving CCs)

Birmingham National    Kathy George (second time giving CCs)

Bath      Karen Forbes (no CCs)

SKC          Alan Small (second time giving CCs)

3 Counties   Jean Rogers (no CCs)

Blackpool    Peter Chappell (no CCs)

East of England   Margaret McDonald-Cross (no CCs)

Paignton    Moira Barrass (no CCs)

WKC     Mel Hardy (second time giving CCs)

Darlington   Paul Eardley (third time giving CCs)

Belfast   Jeff Horswell (first time giving CCs)

Glen Association Show   John Bunting (second time giving CCs)

2 thoughts on “Already it’s August!

  1. I have been looking to the in my opinion near criminal costs of entering some of these shows £26 yes £26 to put a dog in Birmingham dog show the smelling salts please doctor.Im sorry but that is frankly ridiculous and in my opinion vastly overexpensive .I can send 6 pigeons to the Tarbes international race for that .I really think the dog showing people have got to look at what they charge and look at the big working hound and terrier shows,top sheepdog trials even large cage bird and fancy pigeon shows and compare them.
    The pricing differentials are marked should not the kc dog showing groups work with large hound and terrier shows and game fairs/country shows etc .The costs could be kept down by sharing venues joint events and as nearly all these events also show the working side the docking issue would be nullified
    I would be interested in others views on this matter im afraid im keep my cash in my pocket. I

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