An email received…

Please find attached a copy of the draft dog control bill that is being considered by the major political parties in the UK and is the subject of a bill to be introduced to The House of Lords by Lord Redesdale in the near future.

This draft has taken many meetings of The Dangerous Dogs Advisory Steering Group (DDASG)  involving most of the dog welfare and veterinary organisations along with the Metropolitan Police and Wandsworth Council. The chair of our meetings is Superintendent Simon Ovens of the Met Police.

 Please feel free to circulate this draft and I very much hope that it will be received favourably. As you will see in section 12, the Act is intended to replace several current laws including the DDA (1991) and the amendment (1997). Whether this is practical will be seen over the coming weeks but even if those bills are not fully repealed, we feel that the success of the dog control orders in enabling the police and local authorities to deal with both criminal and inexperienced owners of ANY dogs BEFORE serious incidents occur will eventually lead to the DDA becoming obsolete.

 Do let me have any comments and suggestions. This draft is only for England and Wales but a not dissimilar bill is already at the second reading stage in the Scottish Parliament having been introduced by SMP Christine Graham. The DDASG has provided input to Ms Graham’s Bill although there remain some differences that we feel unable to support.

 It seems that we have an opportunity to respond to DEFRA and also to inform potential candidates in the forthcoming election about the importance of finally removing breed specific legislation and replacing it with a law designed specifically to provide protection to the public.


David Levy

The draft is to big to attach onto here but Jean Rogers will forward it onto you with pleasure