Bath Show NOT Charging Admission Fees!

Bath Championship Show has, after lobbying from exhibitors, decided NOT to charge an admission fee for the general public this year. This means that any legally docked dog can be exhibited there. As it is still legal to dock in Ireland any Glen of Imaal Terriers born there after 2007 can now be exhibited.

It’s St Patrick’s Day….

…so what should a Glen of Imaal Terrier blog do other than give mention to its roots!

The breed, just by its name, is self explanatory as to where it comes from. The beauty of the Imaal glen and mountains attracts a lot of people and sometimes these folk aren’t as hardy as the dog that bears the name of the area they are visiting and experience problems. Then they rely on something very needed in the area now, the Glen of Imaal Mountain rescue team, so learn a little more about “our area” and have a read.

And when you have read that don’t forget to post the Birmingham National entry which will see Kathy George judging the Glens

Glen of Imaal Results

Crufts 2010 saw Barney (Ch/Bel Ch Bockland Brayhead Lad) take Best of Breed with Fern (Ch Jeonty Fern Grass)  Best Bitch. The two Reserves were Buster(Ch/Bel/NL Jeonty Wannabe Buster) and Breege(Brockland Merrylegs for Bregorrey). Breege was also Best Veteran. Best Puppy was Glenwellieka Flint of Flynn.

It’s Crufts but I’m at work!

No problem if you can’t get to Crufts or prefer to watch it at home with a glass of wine. Crufts is being televised by More4 and can be seen at 7.30pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and 7.00pm Sunday. At 9.00pm Sunday More4 are showing a programme entitled Good Dog, Bad Dog which the Kennel Club have taken part in. Live streaming can be seen throughout the day on a dedicated internet channel but you will have to sit through a settee advert first. If you would prefer a dog food advert as a run in Crufts can also be seen here. If results are the prime want they can be found here. Also Facebook, Twitter and flickr have Crufts pages that are continually updated. If a fuller coverage is preferred both Our Dogs and Dog World will have very full coverage next week.

Glen of Imaal Terriers are in the ring tomorrow at 10.00am. The results will be up (hopefully before midday) as soon as possible

It’s Crufts week-where are the Glens?

There will be Glen of Imaal Terriers everyday at Crufts. The biggest number will be seen on Friday 12th as that is the day the Terrier Group is judged. Hall 1, ring 5 at 10.00am is when the breed judging will commence but even when it is over the dogs will be on their benches all day. If you can’t get to the NEC on Friday there is no need to worry because the Glen of Imaal booth (TR14) will be manned everyday in Discover Dogs in hall 3.

Today’s consultation document

Third party insurance is mentioned so IF it looks as if the statute book will be reached the Dogs Trust could always be looked at.

The Kennel Club response is poor to say the least. They have appointed a Communications’s Director so why isn’t the Director leading the way with a headline grabbing initiative of the Kennel Club’s own………….register a dog with us, health test with us and insurance will be included as a matter of course.