National Terrier Critique

My insistence on loose leads, when moving the exhibit, was intended to allow heads to be carried naturally to show a more natural gait, thereby a judge can better see the extension & drive along with the overall soundness of the dog. Teeth on the whole were good or acceptable, breed characteristics taking priority. Dogs in the line up for the CCs were consistent for type.

JD: 1) Glenwellieka Flint of Flynn. Blue, top sixed young male, excellent width of back skull, small mobile ears, good mouth, well boned, good moderate neck into well laid shoulder. Coat very soft & curly with no undercoat, although with time, patience & future care this should correct itself. His front is correct but assessing his movement was hard as he pulled away from his handler which caused him to elbow out on the left. However he is sound & given time will be one to watch.

PGD: 1) Romainville Typhoon. Brindle, excellent masculine head & expression, ears small & well placed, good front angulation into well laid shoulder, well proportioned, excellent bone, coat is the correct double with coarser outer coat, well angulated behind. On a loose lead he strode out well. 2) Brockland Blackadder at malsville. Smaller than 1. Good breadth of skull, good ear carriage & round eye, his front is bowed & the presentation of his feet correct, good proportions & well boned for size, his coat is short but is double. Movement sound with good drive from rear. 3) Jeonty Highlander Boy.

LD: 1) Romainville Bodhran. Brindle, excellent head & expression, skull of good width, small mobile ears, moderate & very muscular neck into well laid shoulders. Slightly more compact dog, very good bone, well angulated behind, moved with purpose & drive. RCC. 2) Donvaleset Rebus. Blue, masculine dog, skull not as broad as 1. Ears small & well placed, mouth is scissor, moderate neck into well placed shoulder, good front & rear angulation, feet appear long but this is due to excess coat. handler needs to be more aware of what dog is doing. Lots of old coat with new one starting to come through. 3) Kenocto Chief’s Song.

OD: 1) Beatrix’s Boy with Windarra from Donvalest. Blue, powerful male, strong head & expression, good ear carriage & round eye, mouth is scissor, super condition, good front angulation, well laid shoulder. Front view shows the bow & presentation of the feet, coat is double & the overall impression is a substantial dog, moved out well & soundly. CC & BOB. 2) Ch/Bel Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Blue, different type of Glen to 1 having more length of leg and a squarer profile. Masculine, good ear carriage, eound eye, longer neck. Although his upper arm is steep he has a bow & the presentation of his feet is correct. Good forward reach. Would like more drive behind & he was toeing in coming back.

PB: 1) Romainville Lily. Wheaten, feminine baby, good head, well filled in under eyes, small ears carried correctly, scissor bite, moderate neck, well proportioned, good bone. Coat a little soft but adult coat is starting to appear. Moved out well. BP. 2) Romainville Saffie for Rogame. Blue, litter sister to 1. Confident, femininee, girl, correct bite & round eye, well laid shoulder. At this stage of her development she needs more forechest. Coat is short but correct double, sound mover.

JB: 1)Romainville Saffie for Rogame. 2) Pajantick Patsy Jane. Wheaten, feminine head on the small side. Good scissor bite, correct moderate neck into well laid shoulder, front presentation is exaggerated with the pasterns touching. Proportions & hind angulation good, correct double coat, moved soundly.

PGB: 1) Jeonty Maybe Daysee. Wheaten, good width of back skull, ears mobile & eyes round, correct scissor bite, very good front angulation, chest of good width, better than is suggested by her coat. On being handled the legs bow correctly with the feet being beautifully presented. Well proportioned & with good bone for her size, good extension & drive, moves soundly. RCC. 2) Donvalest Domino. Blue, feminine, good width of backskull, well filled in under eyes, small ears correctly carried & scissor bite, well proportioned. Upper arm appears steep but it is old coat hanging down. very good front angulation, good bone & hind angulation. Old coat detracts. Movement erratic but sound.

LB: 1) Donvalest Brier. Wheaten, strong bitch, good ear placement & carriage, scissor bite, angulation very good, well boned, coat well presented & correct, stands & moves well. Lost in challenge moving with nose down. 2) Briar Rose at Romainville. Blue, very feminine but with no weakness. Ears are heavy, round eye, mouth correct scissor, presents well when viewed from the front, shoulder well laid, her proportions are good as are her front & rear angulation. Coat correct, movement lacklustre.

OB: 1) Romainville Miss Moneypenny. Wheaten, good breadth of skull, ears mobile, mouth & eyes correct, moderate neck flows into well laid shoulder, when viewed from the front presents herself so correctly, bone is commensurate with size, angulation very good, coat short but correct, moves with real drive & extension. CC. 2) Ch Jeonty Hasaceilidh with Karensbrae. Blue, slightly squarer profile, very feminine, good back skull, well placed & mobile ears, presents well when viewed from the front, well boned, good front angulation, coat short, movement very sound.


Normal service isn’t resuming

Today should have seen a bright eyed and bushy tailed return to normal service but there won’t be due to a badly behaved volcano in Iceland! Like thousands of others who have had their holidays extended normal, at home, things just won’t be happening. We will try but it needs your input so don’t be shy!

Fancy a job?

Three separate Inquiries in the last eighteen months have recommended the creation of an independent Advisory Council to provide advice regarding the welfare issues of dog breeding

Applications are now sought for the post of founding Chairman for the Council. The successful candidate will have an unparalleled opportunity to influence the future welfare of dogs and to spearhead the provision of advice given, so as to achieve major improvements in the welfare impact of dog breeding.

Professor Sir Patrick Bateson commented today “The health and welfare problems caused by dog breeding were first identified more than 40 years ago. We know the problems and we can find the solutions. Advances in science are improving our understanding of the issues and the potential solutions daily. The appointment of the first Chairman for this Council is critical and he or she will play a key role in developing a strategy for resolving the problems and making a step change in the quality of life for millions of dogs.”

The organisations forming the Review Board on the welfare aspects of dog breeding are:

Blue Cross
BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association)
BVA (British Veterinary Association)
CAWC (Companion Animal Welfare Council)
Dogs Trust
Kennel Club
PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals)
RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons)
RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
Scottish Government
Welsh Assembly

The deadline for applications is 14 May and interviews will be held on 14 June (Cambridge) and 16-17 June (London)

Please see website for details of how to apply