Together Again

This morning a dream became a reality and broke a heart.

We always “know” that when an old dog twitches in his sleep he is dreaming of days when he could run and leap and gallop free; getting away from a body that creaks and paws that sometimes don’t do what they are asked to do. Early this morning one Glen of Imaal Terrier’s dream took on a greater depth than ever before. He could feel muscles flexing as they once did and the ground, firmer than it had ever been for a long time, under his feet. His ears again attuned to everything and, in the far distance, he could hear something from long ago. In his sleep his head turned towards it and the sound and memory grew and grew. Fifteen and a half years on from when the new memories began Jeonty Little Soldier heard the call of the ones embedded in the soul and walked to his ancestors.