First quarter 2010 registrations

The Kennel Club Breed Record Supplement for the first quarter (Jan-March) shows 12 Glen of Imaal Terriers being registered with them, which is exactly the same number as in the corresponding period last year. Admittedly it isn’t a lot but the Glen has “two lives” and the KC unregistered side had four known litters at the turn of the year so the breed isn’t quite as rare as some will undoubtedly insinuate sooner or later.

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    • This is the thing-nobody actually knows how many! If anybody knows where the current one is that is for sale…..

  1. Does it really matter as long as thier good strong healthy dogs it hasnt hurt the Jack Russell not being registered.
    Looking at John Glovers article in the countrymans weekly today on using the glen to put some fire and substance back into the bedlington its a good thing its an old article but John has updated it.
    I have been asked to use Fred on a bedlington bitch for a breeding programme.The men concerned know what thier doing and have a good plan ive said yes im speaking to John next week about it.

    • As was said in the posting-the Glen has two lives-but what does matter is that some people are trying to keep the two totally apart whilst taking advantage of the dual status. Of course some feel very strongly that working heritage is all and “spirited” animals are the way to go (nobody would quibble if that is what is believed) but then advertising and selling them to the unsuspecting public who have no idea at all of what they are getting….
      Remember to ask John about his “Rothburys” that didn’t quite turn out as he hoped.

  2. Yes Liz but he used a a bedlington dog on a glen bitch which is for beddy type the wrong way round as you know you get the type from the bitch. Then he used a beddy bitch i belive of totally different breeding to his own on the 2nd stage. I will keep you imformed on how it goes it will take time but the gents involved know this time will tell.

  3. “he used a a bedlington dog on a glen bitch which is for beddy type the wrong way round as you know you get the type from the bitch”

    That statement has absolutely no genetic basis. Every puppy inherits half its genes from each parent – how those genes manifest themselves is pretty random.

    My breed was founded from a cross between a Scottie and a Sealyham. In the early days, both ‘types’ could be seen. Today, the breed is pretty stabilised, but occasionally a Sealy type is thrown up. Yet the Sealyham was the sire – and when a cross back was done it was with a Sealy (or unofficially a Scottie) male to a Cesky bitch – this is the logcal way round as the Cesky is narrower all through than either of its parent breeds. I would be very, very wary of mating a Glen male to a Bedlington bitch – unless I was prepared for a c-section rather than a natural birth.

  4. A c section that statement is based on what facts Mrs Atter your opinion ? evidence please. The cross has been done a number of times both ways with no problem as long as your bitch is fit and kept fit and fed right thier is no problem .
    I suggest you study line breeding in cattle/sheep/pigs and poultry type through the female line .That is what i have been taught all my life from top notch stockmen and during my spell at agricultural college. Im surprised that the likes of yourself would have any interest improving the working side. I wonder have you seen any working beddies of late ? or know any of the people concerned and know how deeply they have gone into getting some zip back into the beddy.
    I will put them in contact with you if you like you will see they are very experienced dog men who know a thing or too themselves.This isnt a 5 minute wonder Mrs Atter its been long thought out by a number of very decent bedlington men with years of experience. Im sure they would be interested in your opinions on improving the working bedlington with your knowledge of thier dogs.

  5. For what it’s worth, I have been around working terriers and terrier men for more than thirty years.

    I’m actually quite surprised that anyone would want to cross a Glen into any working terrier strain, simply because of the width of the chest. The working Bedlingtons that have known have been much less exaggerated than the show strains, and with a consequently smaller rib cage. To deliberately increase the rib size seems to me to be a retrograde step – but I’m always willing to be be enlightened.

    If you want to put zip into a Bedlington, I would have thought that there were other working terrier breeds that would be more appropriate.

    A c-section? Simply because the Glen has a much broader head and rib than a Bedlington, and a narrow Bedlington bitch may have difficulty in delivering such puppies naturally.

    As to your comments on line-breeding – well, if you prefer to believe old wives’ tals as opposed to scientific fact there’s not a lot I can say.

  6. Old wives tales im sure the tutors at my old agricultural college in Devon would be interested in that one Mrs Atter.As for old wives tales is that like the one about a lady coming on this blog complaining that GOITA was holding a lady back from going on the judges A list !.When that was proven not to be the case and then not apologising to GOITA after the old wives tales was proven to be just that?.
    On the head size of male to female look at dairy cows are often put to beef bulls of much larger breeds and had sizes they rarely if ever have problems .The dairy industry cannot afford numbers of costly c sections the same happens with sheep and pigs.As i said the people who are planning this (i am not one of them) why dont you speak to them jaw jaw not war war contact me and i will put you in touch.

  7. “As for old wives tales is that like the one about a lady coming on this blog complaining that GOITA was holding a lady back from going on the judges A list !.When that was proven not to be the case and then not apologising to GOITA after the old wives tales was proven to be just that?”

    So do I take it that the lady concerned hasn’t been held back by GOITA? Presumably her name will be included on the A3 Judging List as of the forthcoming AGM?

  8. No Mrs Atter she hasnt and i suggest YOU stick to facts and If you have a problem write to Mrs Hardy with your “facts” sorry rumours.

  9. No she hasn’t been held back – or no she hasn’t been included on the A3 Judging List?

    Stephen, (I hope you don’t mind me calling you Stephen- first names are so much friendlier than a formal Mr or Mrs!)

    I’m sorry you seem to take my comments so personally. I have had a very soft spot for the Glen since I first judged them – in 1987 – and discovered what a nice breed they are, and how cheerful and friendly the exhibitors are as well. Since then I’ve been privileged to judge at many different shows, in Europe as well as in the UK and have always found the same friendliness and good sportsmanship amongst the owners. For this reason it saddens me to see that one person seems to be ignored on a regular basis, despite her unquestionable success as a breeder and exhibitor – and the respect in which she is held by Glen owners threoughout the world.

    Wearing my other hat, as a championship show committee member, I have been asked on several occasions why this lady has not yet awarded CCs in the breed when others who are apparently less qualified, both in their achievements as breeders and their length of time in the breed have already judged at this level for a second time. I don’t know the answer – others, not in the breed have suggested or assumed that either spite or jealousy are to blame. Maybe this is not so and there is another, more valid reason. If so, it would only take a sentence or two of explanation – I would be happy to pass on that explanation to others when asked.

    These comments are not rumours – they ARE facts.


  10. May I repeat myself as I have put this once before, Has nobody asked the lady herself…. has all kc requirements been done……has a up to date cv been sent in…..I can ask these questions because I didnt send in my updated cv for a gundog breed I judge and wondered for a few years why I never went up the list….just a thought. Val.

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