Everything is now in the diary (hopefully)

Leeds Championship Show snail mail entries closed yesterday and thank you for the reminders that it wasn’t mentioned. Online entries close on June 14th so there is still time. Patsy Hollings is judging Glen of Imaal Terriers and they are on Saturday 24th July.

5 thoughts on “Everything is now in the diary (hopefully)

  1. I would like to ask does anybody know the closing date for Paighton by Royal Mail thank you. On Paighton i think it was terribly unfair of the kc to give Bath a cc ahead of Paighton who have supported Glen classes for longer than Bath . Thier seems no logic behind thier decision.

    • Neither Paignton nor Bath have any real history with Glens. The real question should be how can the Kennel Club justify awarding any more CCs when entries have gone down?

  2. Agreed speaking on purely personal level i do not think they should have them .Again that is a personal view.

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