3 Counties Critique

Glen of Imaal Terrier  

Thank you for giving me an entry on what was the coldest, overcast day imaginable.

Reluctantly we went inside for judging as by 2.30pm it got beyond a joke. The steward was frozen as was most of the exhibitors..

Found the entry of 3 puppies quite variable ranging from 6.5 months to nearly 8 months. So my critique reflects as I see it and hopefully the exhibitors will appreciate this.

Puppy Dog: (1) O’Hanlon & Montford’s  Pajantick  Jimmy Mack at 6.5months already up on standard and with a minimalistic coat only accentuated  his rangy appearance. Head adequate, mouth  okay. looks a balanced dog although long on the hock and slightly too straight in stifle. His coat leaving nothing to hide, unfortunately. Excellent rib carriage. Front was alright and a good reach of neck. BP in the challenge nicer expression and movement was far better than the bitch. Early days and with his proper coat growing in, could come on.

(2) George & Sullivan’s  Romainville Brannigan. Nearly 8 months and more mature. Much better coat condition than 1.Head slightly coarse at this stage but time to develop, better angulation although front not his best, moved okay. Presented well, I am sure his new owner will get the best from the new addition in the future,

Post Graduate Dog: 1 (1) Barnes Brockland Blackadder at Malsville. Excellent head, presented well with good coat and in good harsh condition. Well angulated , good front and shoulder placement, rear well angulated with good bend of stifle. What let him down, showmanship, He can do it, I’ve seen him do it, but on the day, what can I say. This so reflected in the challenge.

Open Dog: 2 (1) Welch’s  Int Ch Brockland Brayhead Lad. Always well presented, excellent head and nice eye, good mouth, well balanced with adequate front and lay of shoulder. Coat good, could be slightly harsher. Moved out well both ways, perhaps could drive out a bit more. BD & BOB.

(2) Garner’s Johnny be Good at Romainville. Again another well presented glen, slightly smaller than 1 but certainly gives nothing away. Good head, would like to see darker eye, Front okay and good balance throughout. Moves with plenty of drive. Coat not at his best now but an attempt to present him in good condition for the show was appreciated. RD not a lot between them.

Puppy Bitch 2 (1) McBrine & Whitehouse, Romainville Tigan. Nothing like her brother. with a  brand new exhibitor on the other end of the lead, learning curve.  So with a bit of instruction we set off. Head reasonable and overall  was in proportion, coat in reasonable harsh condition. Better front than her puppy brother. Angulation okay, balanced shoulder and legs in proportion. Moved okay, lost out for BP on the challenge. RBB at 7 months certainly a long way to go but with a limited attendance, felt this bitch had at least proved enough . Being honest with the owner, did say do not get too excited at this stage.

Post Graduate Bitch: 1 (1) George & Sullivan’s Briar Rose at Romainville, Extremely nice bitch, everything where it should be. Good head ,well balanced with width of skull and mouth was alright. Kind eye. Front good, angulation and bend of stifle. Well presented coat condition and coat colour, but, there it ended. We all take hairy glens in the ring one time or another but an excess amount of coat only goes to take away, what a glen should really look like. Moves well both ways and on the day gave a good account of herself. Taking BB only losing out on the challenge, through her nice, but over presentation. Been there done that and got the Tee shirt.

Open Bitch : 2 (1)Mrs & Miss O’Hanlon’s Scarlett Ribbon Now 10.5 yrs and showing her age. Good head proportions and dark eye, Coat good condition, like a lot of older dogs has settled into maturity and things slip a bit. However she gave a good account of herself moving okay and proving that she deserved her 1st place.

Mrs C J Rogers