Something hasn’t occured!

For quite a few weeks now both Dog Papers have been running notification of the eye testing session taking place alongside the Companion Show on July 17th; after all a FUNd raising event for PRA in Glen of Imaal Terriers should be having an eye man on site!

Bookings weren’t as forthcoming as previous years and it had (sort of) been decided that it must be due to the change of date and the 17th being the first day of the school holidays so many people are going away. Calls and emails over the last week are changing that opinion somewhat. “Oh hello, I’m…and I bought by dog to”, “Hi, are you having a….?” When it has been confirmed that there IS eye testing and that it has been in the papers for a week or two the replies have been that they don’t have the papers anymore! Economies had to be made somewhere and as everything is now on line……..

If you are doing something that has always relied on the dog papers to get the word out maybe it is time for a rethink!